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As a destiny number 4 you have excellent organisational skills and you possess the willpower, discipline and sheer determination to ensure perfection. As a destiny number 4 you do not like being told what to do neither do you like being told that you are wrong.
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Number 12 in numerology contains the number 1 is a bold figure, full of initiative, courage, ambition, and the driver necessary for positive attributes.
On the other hand, number 2 is a gentle, romantic dreamer, insecure, constantly encouraged expectant, very cute, but not energetic.
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Thanks to the mind and positive nature, they tend to gain in popularity and is a good companion.
Destiny number 4 is symbolised by the four seasons of the year as well as the four points of the compass. You can often become too stuck in your ways and once you have decided you are right nothing or no one can change your mind.  You must remember not to take yourself or life too seriously.
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Them to overcome these characteristics to develop patience and understand that life is both good and evil side. With hard work and discipline as your core principals you are able to create a strong, stable and secure future for both yourself and your family and this is ultimately what is important to you. Number’s 2 sensitivity in the fact that such people are easily persuaded, but can not be forced.
Of them comes out good commanders, but in contrast to number 3 they are not grossly against his underling.
These people enter into a good marriage, unless their partners are not too many of their weaknesses, what is their own fault.
They are weighed, free of the inherent complex integer 11, so get along well with most people.

In other respects, this is a very good number, and number 12 people are generally happy, and the second half of life is better than the first.
This is a very good number, because it has all the numbers 1 and 3 positive qualities, but number two drawbacks are balanced. They need people around encouragement, but not like if someone is of the opinion which they disagree. Sensitivity that comes from the number 2, making them gentle lovers, but spiritual satisfaction to them is also important. Being voluptuous, they never do not complete satisfaction, if the partners are not spiritual contact.
Thus, the expression of rod number two properties, and bystanders should be encouraged, without showing it.

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