Numerology number 9 negative traits female

This is an excellent, user-friendly resource for anyone who wants to get started with numerology.
All of the numerological theory presented on this page is derived from the writings and research of David A.
Adding up all the digits in your birth date, as shown in our previous post, you arrive at your Ruling number.
FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERSJoin our mailing list for trend updates, news, and special discounts. Vaastu gives us a scope about the nine planets (navagrahas) positive power or negative power at a house. Vaastu can control many things like income of the family, expenditure of the family, education of the family members, settlement of the family members, health of the family members, social respect of the family etc. If this vaastu power points are in wrong position, even a big factory with excellent investment and management will not get proper orders and returns. Childless young married women problems can be solved by rectifying the vaastu in their house. The Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras is largely credited as the founding father of numerology.
From vaastu we can know which type of power ( positive or negative) is controlling our house. Even match making problems, love marriages, settlements of the daughters of the family are controlled by vaastu.
In practice today, numerologists often rely on your birth date to reveal key aspects of your inner self, shedding light on character traits that are present and lacking in an effort to help you better understand who you are and discover your full potential. Our source, and an excellent resource for learning more about numerology and calculating your numbers, is "The Complete Book of Numerology: Discovering the Inner Self," by Phillips. There is no doubt that a house, which receives positive power brings luck to the entire family in every aspect.

Even love marriages, elopement can also be caused due to the vaastu in their parents houses. You are missing the power which used to follow you.You are losing the respect from your family members. This also illuminates how you communicate with and relate to others in the world, and can help you to improve those relationships through purer understanding of your innate character.Numerologists can chart your birth date and show you in-depth what the numbers reveal about you.
A symbol of independence and new beginnings, the number 1 reflects the power of positive thinking.
Court cases, mental agony, madness, uncontrolled behavior of the children of the family, accidental death of the family members are also caused due to this vaastu negative power. The Vaastu Dosha at your home or at your business place doesn’t let you achieve the status you aspire for. Using this example, you calculate the Ruling number as such:1 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 0 = 202 + 0 = 2Your Ruling number reveals details about your personality (both positive and negative), your life's purpose, and the vocations for which you are best suited.
Beware of materialism or too much ego getting in the way of your relationships, which could cause you to become frustrated and irritable. We can easily say the life style & future of the family members of a house by a single look at the house.
Use your innate intuition to surround yourself with people and experiences that make you feel good about yourself.
Partnerships and pairs, love and unions—the relationships that define and break you, mold and make you—revolve around the number 2. Intelligent and witty, you make a great party host or hostess—and you generally have a successful work and social life. At home, you may have a tendency to be overly critical or have difficulty expressing yourself emotionally or physically. Symbolic of love and light, the 3 guides you on your way, watching over you as you forge your life's path.

Your outlook on life is very practical and conventional, and the emphasis you place on your work may cause you to neglect to bring balance to your life, especially at home.
This often presents itself professionally as acting (whether on stage or in a sales role), in travel or hospitality, or as an artist, writer, entrepreneur, inventor, or social worker.
Unfortunately, many 6s succumb to worry and anxiety, which results in becoming trapped in a web of stress. Abiding by the philosophy that everything happens for a reason, you are not good at taking advice, nor are you the best judge of character.
Often in a position of authority at work and possessing the potential to become very successful in business, you are confident and dependable.
Despite your enormous capacity for compassion and tenderness, you tend to hide your sensitivity.
More suited to art than science, as well as humanitarian pursuits, 9s seek to improve human life. You are ambitious and responsible, but you put heavy emphasis on personal responsibility, which can lead to disappointment. The number 9 reflects an inner satisfaction with one's personal and professional accomplishments and life achievements. Your happiness is infectious, and people like to be around you—but when you are suppressed, you become irritable and short tempered. A lover of refinement, beauty, and the cultural values of life, you gravitate toward this environment to express yourself. Possessing powerful spiritual awareness and eminent practicality, you have great control over your emotions.

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