Numerology numbers 7 and 9 technique

Starting at birth, the T in Thomas's name has a value of 2, and therefore lasts for two years.
Numerology derives the mysterious relationship between numbers and physical objects or living things. As discussed in my previous articles, any number associated with you will have a definite effect on your life, this includes your Telephone and Cell number also. Any number that contains 4s and 8s will usually bring hardships and problems, restrictions, frictions and accidents. Any Number that starts and ends at the same number will have almost no progress in life or will see regression after progression; the owner of the number will start and end on the same position in life. Cell Numbers with more 5s and 2s will bring instability in life, if both 5 and 2 come together repeatedly in a number it will degrade the relations between a husband and wife. If 58 or 85 or 28 or 82 compound number is present or repeated in any cell number the owner of the number will have mental problems like depression, it will also attract demonic possession.
No 6 is generally lucky for many except for those with 3 as date of birth or 3 as destiny number, but its repetition in any cell number will make the owner more imaginative, romantic and the owner may also get involved in sinful activities.
Persons with date of birth 8, 17, 26 or with destiny number as 8 should not use any number that starts with 8 or ends with 8 or has 8 in between. Find destiny number of your cell number by adding all the numbers, and getting a single number out of it (see example below) the destiny number of cell should be equal to the lucky number of the destiny number of the date of birth.
Result: The above number starts with 5 where as it should start with 2, moreover the destiny number of cell phone number 0345-5937275 is 5 where as it should be 1 or 2 which clearly means that this number is not lucky for 11-2-1974 date of birth. AOA Hassan Sir, my dob is 13-feb-1990 , plz tell me my lucky phone number, my current cell no. Your number should start with 3 end at 6, should not have any 8 in it and the total should be 3. Thanks in advance, this number is not lucky for you, your number should start with 2 end at 7 and the total should be 6. Will appreciate if could you please recommend me the best mobile no for my business and personal?
The number starts with an 8 with a 4, which means frictions, problems, hardships, depression and accidents. The number starts with a higher digit 8 and ends at 6 lower one: means decline in every walk of life. The total of number is 1, starting is 8 total is 1, shams Dar Zuhal : mental or neurological problems and accidents. I think you should change your number, please send correct date of birth to get a better answer. Hi sudhir!, The overall number is ok, except for a few problems, starts with a large number and ends at small one, it has multiple 8s in it, 8 and 9 are coming together. Number 4 – is a Soul urge number of those who was born on 4, 13, 22 or 31 th of any month.
The Soul number 4 is controlled by Rahu, which is constantly changing – it never stands still, always moving or forward or backward. People with Soul number 4 ordered and active, especially in the management of large enterprises.

People with Soul number 4 help society and because of its awkward and free thinking are able to carry out the great reforms that help the poor and disadvantaged. People with Soul number 4 like conspiracy and sometimes in his younger years living clandestinely.
People with Soul number 4 – followers of self-education and by their nature are very secretive. People with Soul number 4 did not reveal its secrets, even those who have them are very dear and close.
The woman with the Soul number 4 deep soul affectionate in his relations with her husband, friends of her husband and other male family members.
People with Soul number 4 have to meditate and perform exercises, soothing the mind, otherwise it they will suffer from multiple sclerosis in old age. Enter either a single or full name to calculate the numerological values associated with that name. This article gives Step by Step instructions to find if your Mobile number is lucky for you or not and how to select a lucky mobile number using Numerology.
Like if your date of birth is 12, the cell number should start with 1+2 = 3 or it should start with your lucky number as given in the table at the end of this article.
I looked on the net for more information about the issue and found most individuals will go along with your views on this web site.
Lucky mе I discoverеd your web site accidentally, and I am shocked why tyis accident dіdn’t took place earlier!
If the number starts with the birth number or any number thats in harmony with birth number will be lucky.
The influence of Rahu makes the life of people with the number of sudden changes of the Soul number 4. Due to the fact that Rahu gives them strength, courage and patience, these people can tolerate the pain, but also not particularly worrying, suffer pain.
Due to the fact that their point of view is always different from the perspective of other people, because they are protective of losers, they themselves create problems and it is making secret enemies.
They are interested in any reforms – aimed at improving the environment, society and their own home. Because of their tendency not to accept the existing rules, they go to the anarchists, terrorists or criminals. This brings them to heart problems, but they like to feel lonely, and bear all the sufferings alone.
Saw at the top of the webpage you mentioned too man 6s in a cell number is no good for destiny number 3. This interest may lead them into politics, or spiritual organization, where they will be able to carry out reforms and to head them. However, they also fear that people misunderstood them, and this causes them to be secretive. They are very selfish, and can go to do anything to fulfill their selfish desires, even if it brings harm to others. It takes responsibility and cares for her husband and his friends, his own and his parents.

Due to the fact that they have to meet such a sudden change in life, they develop a dual nature, and they are not very trusting people. By its very nature is a rebel who instinctively rebel against the various rules and systems. In their minds there is no clear understanding of life, so they clearly do not understand their relationship with those who live, or to those who are linked. They can make false promises and acquire for their lives many critics, enemies and opponents.
Because of their uncertainty, they are lifelong need to ask the advice of others and act in accordance with their recommendations.
In addition to all the criticism and contradictions, setbacks and sufferings that they get people with Soul number 4 at the end of his life reach success and fame.
This is also due to the fact that Rahu reduces the difference between right and wrong, because a true proposition that is inherent in generally the strongest people.
If they are able to work in government, we are not on the side of the ruling party, but prefer to sit on a bench in opposition. The ions are aware that they can no longer waste their energy and have to start putting them in an ordered system. The fact that the people with Soul number 4 did not have a clear picture of life is the result of the events in their life happen suddenly, and they are not able to achieve what they want.
They are tested exercise in deprivation, in diet, gymnastics of the mind (memory) and the body.
She was advised not to have long-term relationships of any kind with the people whose Soul number 4, 8, 9. However, they rarely succeed in worldly affairs, or material, even if different pragmatism.
They like to create order and balance in their lives, and they want everything went on as usual. Pupils spiritually cleansed ability to endure, to overcome feelings, suffer, suffering, and no notice meditate. They make a big heart to give money to the needy and the poor, so friends and relatives believe that they are very rich, though in fact it is not always the case. If they are supported by harmonious numbers, they can make progress very quickly, getting rich and becoming famous.
Vow of silence, received a term of two to five years, is understood as the avoidance of unnecessary talk. For their growth and development they need to fight a lot, constantly encountering any committed by them big or small work hurdle.
This is because they make practical plans, work hard, have a strong will and are not afraid to encounter difficulties and contradictions. Only after these tests mystics devoted to the secret doctrine, consists in personal communion with the Divine.

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