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Clickastro offers you free horoscopes, astrology reports, star sign, zodiac, rashifal, love match and horoscope compatibility, career, wealth, marriage etc. Numerology: Numerology is any of many systems, traditions or beliefs in a mystical or esoteric relationship between numbers and physical objects or living things. Vedic Astrology is an ancient Indian science which is based on planetary positions and their motions. Those who do not have any birth details can enter the date of birth, and can find out their signs.
The first house is occupied by Kuja and owned by Sani placed in 6 th house and aspected by Ketu from 9 th. After careful analysis of the yearly chart indicates that military actions, war like situation may prevail and the extremists’ activities may increase. There may be some turbulence and calamities taking many lives and causing vast devastation. Karan Sharma ji provide best astrology service online in India, Mumbai, Delhi, Usa, Canada, Punjab. Our astrology services are high quality; you will get accurate horoscopes and reliable astrology. The planetary position at the time of beginning the New Year is lagna is Kuja and Ravi, Chandra, Retrograde Budha, Rahu with Sukra in Meena Rasi, Sani in Mithuna Rasi and Ketu along with Retrograde Guru in Kanya Rasi.
The second house is occupied by retrograde Guru placed in 8 th and the third house occupied by Rahu, Ravi, Moon and Sukra respectively by 1 st and 2 nd lord Sani from 6 th and Ketu from 9 th.

This year may bring discontent among people, strikes, riots, and fires, increase crime rate and ill health. Earth quakes may occur The temples and other pilgrimages will be targeted and hence heavy security is advised.
From now on, you can express any doubts for the answer from the astrologer to your question. Due to malafide influence of Ketu on the first house, the masses in general may suffer on account of deep-rooted conspiracies more than last year.
There will be the highest fluctuation in the stock and share and also stagnation and many obstacles in implementation of new financial policies.
It is advised to the natives who are undergoing Sani period or Sani antar dasa to perform abishekams to Lord Siva. Fifth house is owned by Sukra placed in 3 rd is unoccupied which is aspected by Ketu from 9 th and the sixth house is owned by retrograde Budha placed in 2 nd and this house is occupied by Sani. Those natives who could withstand may undergo fast and perform poojas to Lord Siva and seek his blessing. The 7 th House owned by Moon and aspected by Kuja from 1 st and Rahu from 3 rd is not occupied by any planet and the 8 th house is occupied by the retrograde Guru and owned by Ravi in 3 rd. It is advised that the top leaders should be on guard as there will be threat to their life from extremist elements. The 8 th house is aspected by Kuja from 1 st Sani from 10 th and Budha from 2 nd and the 9 th house is owned by Budha and aspected by Rahu, Ravi, Chandra and Sukra from 3 rd and is occupied by Ketu.

The Government will be in a position to retaliate the terrorist attacks and military action continues due to excellent performance of the military officers. The tenth house owned by fifth lord Sukra in 3 rd and the eleventh house has aspects of Rahu from 3 rd and twelfth house owned by Guru is occupied and aspected by its retrograde Guru. It was at this point that she got involved in an unsuccessful love affair with director Guru Dutt. Their next venture together, Kaagaz Ke Phool (1959), depicted the story of a successful director's fall from grace after he falls for his leading lady, and foreshadowed events in Guru Dutt's own life as well.
Guru Dutt's marital status and her success in films outside his tore them apart personally and professionally, although they continued to work together in 1960's Chaudhvin Ka Chand. They broke away from each other after the film's indifferent reception at the Berlin Film Festival in 1963. She won the Filmfare Best Actress Award for her roles in Guide (1965) and Neel Kamal (1968), but despite good roles in subsequent films some of the films failed at the box office. At around this time, Kamaljeet (who starred opposite her in Shagun (1964)) proposed marriage. She was and still is a big Diwani Hundi fan.Personal lifeRehman was linked with Guru Dutt, and gossip mills were ripe with the rumours of their affair.

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