Numerology of marriage prediction

Pythagoras, the scientist in Greece is father of numerology who has invented many theorems for this. Pythagorian Numerology was organized by Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, who combined the mathematical disciplines of the Arabic, Druid, Phoenician, Egyptian and Essene sciences.
Numerology tells you which is your lucky number and from which number you can win lottery and business and career growth. About Pt.Prakash Shastri JiAstrology is a science which deals in the effects of planets on living beings. Names and Spellings of Names Both Affect Our Relationship with Others Especially with Our Life Partners. Name changes have helped various celebrities and corporate houses to get the success they deserve.
In this website just give your birth details or your name, it will give your number with its benefits. In Arabic Numerology there are broadly 81 marriage combinations that cover each and every couple in the world. Marriage Power: Wrong Marriage Combinations Can Ruin Couples a€¦ a€“ Sep 1, 2006 a€¦ Arabic Numerology says that name numbers 1, 3, and 9 are good and are of those who a€¦ In Arabic Numerology the names are written in Arabic. To predict the planets' effects,one has to calculate the position of planets and their strengthsAstrologer no1 Swami Ji dealing in all the fields of Astrology specially in Indian Astrology and numerology.
For Example - If You are ruled by number 3, then You have Your best Numerology Compatibility with the Life Partner ruled by 3.

Introduction to Arabic Numerology It is a fact that you may be having the best of knowledge, degrees, experiences, background, etc.
Arabic numerology is a science that can have innumerable applications, a few of its uses as we see them today, after lot of research & dedicated work, are a€“ 1. Arabic Numerology says that name numbers 1, 3, and 9 are good and are of those who are successful people, whereas 2, 4 and 7 are average name numbers which need the support of above numbers to be effective.
Alchemical Sulfur, Mercury and Salt The first mention of mercury and sulfur as base alchemical elements come from an Arab writer named.
I am pleased to say that his suggestions have been practical and shown positive changes in personal and business life .We found his services result oriented and wish him all the success in life. But If You are Already in a Relationship which is not Numerologically Correct, in that case you can Change the Name of your Life Partner for more Harmony.
So You should Check the Name & Horoscope of your To be Life Partner and Remedize immediately.
Despite of length of the name, lucky numbers, lucky days, lucky planets and benefits are determined and calculated by the total number of the name. Partner compatibility can be calculated by comparing the numbers for specific numerology traits. The number told you what your date of birth revels about you and when to invest, marry, travel, change jobs as well as in carrier growth. Hence, as per Arabic Numerology, your poverty, misery, sickness, wealth, happiness, all depends on your name and your marriage combination, as is obvious.

In our solar system there are 9 planets and nine numbers by which all our calcutions are made on astrology.
In Numerology, marriage compatibility between the bride and groom is assessed by matching the three prime numbers of Numerology. These numerology numbers show our purpose in life, motivates, character and certain aptitudes.
It’s the time to remove clouds of uncertainty from your love relationship and take it forward with confidence. Ppl say they go to peer sahib to get hisaab kitaab done with names before marriage to see if they will be compatible together. Islamic Numerology had been in practice for long time but on personal basis, the person should approach the Numerologist seeking solutions for their problem. If your First and last name compatible with your partner then hope you for a big love story. Making personal horoscope, compatibility horoscope, daily horoscope, predictions, numerology – SignsByStars.
Although numerology describes a relationship not as detailed as the compatibility horoscope, may give some quick clues yet about what you can do so that the relationship work.

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