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I think different words, have a different vibrations and therefore a different impact and response to them, once heard or read.
Which sentence leaves a lasting impression, or quickest and most forceful impact of meaning?
Christmas is derived from Saturnalia, a pagan holiday where Saturn gives gifts to his prisoners. I'm also a professionally paid natal (personal) and synastry (relationship) astrologer, tarot reader, psychic, and occult teacher. More WritingWhen I'm not writing Gemini-style quips, I can be found writing more detailed and thorough Virgo-style articles at Virgo Vault.. Blog updatesEnter email addressPersonal Me I'm a 0? ?? ASC ?? with Jupiter & Uranus Libra in the 9th house.
Having Gemini on the 5th house cusp, my personal interests are plenty, varied, and hobbies often become something I do for a living because I have Gemini on the 6th house cusp too.
Providing you with a clear path and understanding using tarot, astrology, numerology, psychic impressions and more.
Libra, your work life is in good shape as the year begins, and the Sun enters Capricorn on the 15th January to give you a much needed boost of energy that will drive you forward. Libra Health Horoscope 2016Your general level of health this year is very good Libra, but may be disrupted by worries for.. Libra Finance Horoscope 2016Financially, 2016 is looking like a strong year for you, and you may see increases in your.. Libra Horoscope 2016Libra, you are one of the peaceful and hospitable signs in the zodiac, and this year you may.. This illustrates higher and lower frequency in speech, and therefore in how you interact with another human being. French is known as the romantic language, and I find Egyptian Arabic to have a soothing sound to it, when spoken by women.

From an astrological perspective, December is the month of Sagittarius (Jupiter) and Capricorn (Saturn). I believe death is a “release” or relief from this prison planet but we’re programmed to survive to live out our sentence. It’s the one’s that are left behind to suffer the horror of such a great loss in their lives.
Since Rahu and Ketu are considered as very powerful and inauspicious planets, it is advisable to know how their transits are going to affect different areas of your life. To be honest though, you will be very much be enjoying the company of good friends at the start of the year, and you will have the balance really well set – you will be happy to have less going on at work. Should an especially clever ape, or even a group of articulate apes, try to use words in the wild, they would carry no conviction. So which of the following sentences (that essentially mean the same thing) have a higher or lower frequency? What I’m saying here is that the sound or look of the word can mean more than the words. Consult our astrologers to know how you should handle the looming Career, Love, Finance, Marriage or Property related issues and thereby enable you to make your future better. On April 14th the Sun transits Aries, and there could be tensions in other areas of your life that can affect your business or work.
The primate vocalizations that do carry conviction — those they actually use — are unlike words, in that they are emotionally expressive, intrinsically meaningful and reliable because they are relatively costly and hard to fake. It's all steady away really, and at times you might feel you are running on a treadmill. Christmas is a pagan, Saturnalia holiday?—?a week long holiday of lawlessness and of course, we know Saturn is about social law! Venus is in Gemini from the 13th June, and although this does give some resistance to tasks, if you push through you will eventually succeed at work.

And as humans, we “play out” this myth with one another by giving gifts and forgiving sins, etc. This is the time when all of your recent efforts start to pay off, and you will shine at work, hitting your targets.
Again this will take hard work, but if you keep a calm attitude you will make a very positive statement. Despite your breakthrough moments in July, you may face opposition from someone who is trying to make false accusations against you. Mercury in Virgo towards the end of August could bring you some difficulties with tasks at the office. You might miss a deadline or two, or make a mistake, but your yearly performance will not be overlooked, and you won't be damaged in the long term by any errors here. Just struggle through to complete your work, and await praise and recognition again when Mars enters Sagittarius on the 18th September, bringing you yet more chances to shine. You may be offered a role with more responsibility at this time, or if you are in business you might secure a deal that is life changing.
This is set to continue for much of the rest of the year, as long as you are able to put in the work to keep up your now golden reputation. In December, Mars enters Aquarius, setting you up for the potential to make a big move, which may involve a change of office, and a move to a new city. You may want to spend more time socializing at the start of 2016, but as the year goes on you are going to rise up in the workplace. If you want it, you may get the chance to take on more work, more responsibility, and to do more with your business.

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