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Your Heart’s Desire number reveals your desires at the their deepest level, dreams to their full extent, and the person one hopes to become. NOTE – Y is considered a vowel except when it is next to a vowel in the same syllable. EMILY – in this case the Y would be considered a vowel because the Y is represented as a vowel but is not next to a vowel. BRYAN – in this case the Y would be considered a vowel because the Y is next to the A and is not in the same syllable. The Personality number reveals the exterior of a person such as how one likes to dress, who one likes to hang out with, and how one acts with other people. NOTE – Do not reduce the Master numbers (total) 11 and 22 when calculating the Personality number. The Birthday number describes several important personality characteristics such as revealing the approach one takes and how they react to life’s challenges and opportunities. Your Maturity Number reveals the person you will come to be, which ultimately is your true self. Aura Readings111 Grunde, Handball zu lieben: Eine Liebeserklarung an die gro?artigste Sportart der Welt. Want to know more about your destiny and how your name can help you connect with your power and challenges in life?
Hello Kamal, I would be happy to help you further, if you are interested in a private reading, we can go over your strengths and lessons in life based on your birthday as well as your name. Hi Greer…I want to start a business regarding software like website development and software development. Dear Anita, Interesting question and one that an 8 would ask:) Although I do not consider any of my analysis to be predicting the future, I will say this. Hello May, as a numerologist, I look at any number with the same double digits are considered master numbers. I would be happy to help your further with your questions about your name through a personal reading.
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Your Life PurposeFind Your Destiny or Life Purpose NumberYou can find out what is your destiny number or life purpose by calculating your month, day and year of birth.
Find Your Successful Business Name ReadingCreative Business Name Reading Through NumerologyLooking to find your most successful business name?
Do You have a Question About Your Business Name?Do you have a specific question about your business name?
Numerology Oracle CardsNumerology Journey Oracle CardsA deck of 15 beautifully painted oracle cards, each representing a different number, an original painting, numerology description, words of insight and enlightening mantra.
Numerology compatibility charts are used to broaden the results you may have gotten into a simple, almost yes or no, response. The ability to dig as deep as possible and understand everything that is found on the highest level possible will make for the best results. Using different charts or combining results for multiple charts will not improve your research. Charts are generally not used for a final answer and truly should not be used as so, even if the result received is what you had hoped for. After some research has been done, you may find that there are specific traits that each of you posses that are meant to collide with one another.
Research your results well and on your own determine if the chart that was used was correct. I understand that the information I provide will be used to generate my own personal numerology reading. Repeating Number Reading, Angel Numbers, Numerology Reading, Fast Psychic Readin added to cart. This site is a fun, informative, and interactive place to find everything you always wanted to know about numerology. My reading with you was a pivotal, powerful moment in my life and I am grateful and frankly awed.
Find Your Successful Business Name ReadingCreative Business Name Reading Through NumerologyWant to find a successful business name through numerology? Questions About Your Business?Do You have a Question About Your Business Name?Do you have a particular question about your business name? Numerology Products and Gift IdeasNumerology Journey Oracle CardsA deck of 15 beautifully painted oracle cards, each representing a different number, an original painting, numerology description, words of insight and enlightening mantra. Questions About Numerology?Ask GreerDo you have a question about numerology and how it applies to your life? This article looks at the specific meaning of the number seven when you have calculated it as a part of your personal numerology.  It may fall under your Soul Urge, Appearance, Expression, Life Path or Personal Year Vibration Number. If you have not yet calculated your personal numerology be sure to visit our tutorial on how to calculate your personal numerology chart by clicking here.
By your general appearance and manner you impress stran­gers as being rather reserved, somewhat quiet and self-conscious.
Every person has a deeper inner self which they have not come to realize until they have built a relationship with themselves and took time to understand one’s own talents, life goals, hidden characteristics, opportunities, and challenges. This number indicates your dormant talents and your inherited abilities, which will help you on your life’s journey.
When our desires are incredibly deep they may be invisible to even ourselves much less to others. It also indicates specific talents and abilities one possesses that will help on their Life Path, tendencies that need to be balanced, and the key to emotional happiness. To obtain your Maturity number you take your Expression and Heart’s Desire numbers and reduce them to one digit. They represent moments in a person’s life in which they realize current goals and learn life lessons.
They denote personal weaknesses and temptations one will have to overcome and strengths one will have to develop to fully realize goals. I cannot tell you what direction to take, however having a destiny of a one, if you enjoy what you do, you will excel!

With a one destiny you are a leader, so if you find what truly brings you joy, you will do well. Some numerologists believe that the numbers 11 and 22 are the only ones while others say that the numbers 33 to 99 are also numbers. 11 and 22 are the most common as they appear in the destiny and name combinations most frequently.
When two people have the same numbers in a relationship, it has challenges as well as brilliances. Then click on the results.Your Personal YearFind Your Personal Year Number for 2016What is your personal year number for this year? Getting the numbers in order to assess yourself or your relationship is the most basic step to this discovery.
Be wary though, that while charts are nice and simple, they may be too brief and cause you to jump to conclusions. A brief explanation of your results will be seen such as compatible, excitingly compatible or the less than desirable cold; incompatible. You may be in a very happy and successful relationship, but are being told by numerology that your significant other is absolutely not compatible.
Other charts may also be able to explain why people with these traits are able to go along well with each other.
I invite you to take a look at the celebrity birthday of the month blog, and other features such as what each month has in store for you and how to find your personal year and your destiny. Perhaps you have several names in mind and want to see the most successful option through numerology.
I will answer your questions about your personal year, how your name can influence your career, your love life, your challenges and your inspirations.Paintings by Greer JonasDivine Inspiration Paintings by Greer JonasCheck out my latest paintings from my art show in Chelsea, NYC.
Just find the appropriate section below for the number one to know more about your personal numerology. When they get to know you better they may find you friendlier, but there is a refinement and at times an aloofness about your first approach which makes others a little cautious.
It is easy for you to be misunderstood and even to be blamed for saying and doing things which you were not responsible for. You will find definite protection from material difficulty if you face all your problems, refusing to be dis­turbed or made anxious. Numerology readings determine your numerological report, which consists of  your life path number, life destiny number, soul number, personality number, birthday number, maturity number, four pinnacles, four challenges, and the three cycles. This is a great indicator for where you will go in life (career) as well as what you will be drawn to throughout your life time. This number also lists the characteristics you project and how others see you before they really even know you.
At the beginning of a Pinnacle they can be used as a predictive tool to assist in managing one’s future. The First Cycle, known as the Formative or Seed Cycle, lasts from birth through a person’s 25-35 year depending on their Life Path.
When you see the same numbers all the time, it is an indication of a message that you will find inspirational. You could feel like soul mates, yet with times that you feel the same type of issues come up. Submit your month and day of birth to the current year in this numerology calculator and find out!A Numerology Reading Can Transform Your LifeHave you always wondered what your name and numbers can tell you?
Other possible outcomes include difficult, ideal compatibility, short- term, soul- mates and even vibrant- jealously possible. If you believe that the chart is completely and utterly wrong, you may want to speak directly with a numerologist who will have more insight than what a chart can give you.
In the end it’s all about who you are on the deepest level and what you make of yourself.
Also inside, you will find specialized numerology products and my current schedule of classes.
I quickly began moving forward with my business plan and it’s been non-stop ever since.
You are crea­tive in your ideas, do not appreciate the opportunity to think as the rest of the world and may have theories and beliefs by which you will guide your life that to a more practical view­point would appear queer and impractical. You will prefer quiet colors in dress and you will probably try to avoid dressing in such a manner as to attract too much attention. You will often have the peculiar experience of having a certain plan of speech or action very clear in your mind, but of observing yourself expressing it in a way that sounds and looks quite different from the way you in­tended to have it. If you can make plans to give yourself more time for relaxation and travel and to get away from the daily routine of home or business, so much the better. This number is obtained by adding your month, day, and year of birth then calculating the sums single digit. If two people’s Personality numbers are incompatible then they are likely to not bond at all.
The first Pinnacle begins at birth and lasts till the age of 27-35 depending on a person’s Life Path number . In order to calculate one’s challenge number you must use your birth date and reduce each component to a single digit. The Second Cycle, known as the Productive or Fruit Cycle, begins after the First Cycle ends and lasts 27 years. Also, when I calculated my short name I had three 11’s (life path, soul number and personality numbers) and one 11 and one 66 (life path (11) and expression number (66). So there is a deep love and connection, yet you must remember not to smother each other or try to please each other or compete with each other.
The Divine Inspiration greeting card collection features beautiful images from original paintings by Greer Jonas and are blank inside. Faith is the key­note of your nature and the particular idea that you believe in is not so important as the firmness of the belief itself. It is better to take plenty of time in the things you wish to express properly, to claim the privilege of carrying out orders in your own way, for following the meth­ods of other people confuses you.
People will call you lucky because they will see things turning up for you in mysterious ways, to help you out of difficulty, but if you give yourself the right education, you will recognize these things as examples of the protective forces named.

If for one reason or another this is practically im­possible, then be cautious, take things easily, do not become over ambitious to make a lot of money or go in for too much speculation.
All of the core numbers are important, but the most relative number in a numerology chart is your life path number because it maps the road you will follow throughout your entire life. Lastly take the first number from the sum and the single digit becomes your personal Life Path number. Figuring out what your Heart’s Desire number is can help one see if the relationship they are in is compatible or not. To calculate your personality number take the sum of all the consonants in your full name (name on your birth certificate) and then reduce the total of your full name to a single digit. While it is not the most important number in your profile, it does have an effect on your Life’s Path and Expression number. The Second Pinnacle lasts through the next 9 years and the Third Pinnacle lasts for the following next 9 years after the Second Pinnacle.
The Third Cycle, known as the Harvest Cycle, begins when the Second Cycle ends and lasts throughout the end of a person’s life. This might be a tricky one for some as it is loaded in this world to be a powerful person, especially for women. This full day workshop in Connecticut on July 16 will be an exploration into your creative spirit. You can create a better impression when you write than in personal contact, for you may speak when you should be quiet and become afraid to speak when it is your turn. You will not always at first find around you the harmonious relation­ships that you desire. Examine carefully whatever you buy, there may be something wrong which you may not discover until later on, but which may influence the success of the transaction. Lastly the Fourth Pinnacle begins when Third Pinnacle ends and lasts throughout the rest of one’s life.
On the contrary it means that your initial challenge is 9, but you will also find a little bit of yourself in all of the challenge numbers and you may have to choose which challenge applies to you at each particular time. Cycle Numbers explain the lessons you must learn and goals you must meet to stay on your Life Path and achieve one’s true destiny. Relationship Numerology – My Boyfriend Has My Destiny NumberDo you have the same numbers as your partner and wonder if you are compatible? Regarding financial and material situations you are inclined to want success and wealth for you are a little afraid of the future. You have creative ability and in expressing any artistic talent should try to build up a spe­cialty for yourself, for what you believe in enough to cause you to forget yourself, you can bring to success with a great freedom of words and actions. This is because the only place to really learn self-control is where somebody is tempting us to forget it, and the only place to learn peace is in the midst of dis­turbance. In artistic or professional occupations this will prove a more successful year than in finance or the trades.
The Expression Number is obtained by taking the sum of all the numbers compatible to the letters in your full name (name that appears on your birth certificate). When a person is born on a double digit day of the month you look at both numbers separately.
Pinnacle cycles are very important, and the transition from one to the next is always strongly felt and noticed.
The first life period cycle is a learning period where a person finds their true nature and learns to cope with the environment they are exposed to.
I would be happy to tell you more in a reading, where we can examine many aspects of your name as well as birthday. Create and analyze your own charts.Most ReadNumerology Tribute to the Legendary Musician PrincePrince was a Legend in so many ways.
Read more about your relationship numerology style.What Is Your Personal Year?Find Your Personal Year Number for 2016What is your personal year number for this year? You appre­ciate a position in life that gives you the opportunity to con­trol the lives of other people from behind the scenes, but there is no especial desire to draw the limelight too strongly upon your own personality.
Guard your tongue, for not everyone who hears what you say will credit you with not meaning it.
People will not always encourage you, which will cause you to appreciate your own company, which it is neces­sary for you to do because you will then look inside of your­self for release and discover how to live the inner life in the outer world.
Then add the totals for each part of your name together and lastly take the final total and add the numbers together thus creating a single digit number. The second life period cycle is where one finds their place in the world and masters a greater degree of influence on their environment. You are inclined to be a lonely soul and giving way to frequent moodiness or to fears regard­ing your physical or financial future must be avoided.
They reveal the general conditions and events a person will experience during that particular period by describing the atmosphere or the challenges one will face. Then click on the results.Numerology ReadingsA Numerology Reading Can Transform Your LifeHave you always wondered what your name and numbers can tell you about yourself? Your perceptions regarding what goes on around you or what people say are not always keen, for you are mentally lazy. A numerology reading can help you expand to a more abundant perspective in all aspects of your life.
In acquiring knowledge you will therefore demand the most practical language and illustrations from other people, for unless you are extremely interested in something, which you seldom are, you are not anxious for body or brain work. Give everything plenty of time and you will be surprised how your life problems will be straight­ened out. You appreciate soft tones and colors and are inwardly disturbed by in harmony, but you will often create misunderstanding for other people by the insistence upon your own viewpoints and the intolerant defense which you show when they are assailed. The thing you are looking for so hard is right beside you but you must show the courage to sit back and let it declare itself. Did you ever ask for the salt at the table only to find that it was so close to your plate all the time that you couldn’t see it?

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