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Lightboxes allow you to categorize groups of photos and send them to your friends or colleagues. HD and 3D wallpapers for your desktop backgrounds, free download your favorite desktop wallpapers here! New prison service rules prohibit prisoners in England and Wales from receiving books and essentials from the outside world. Prisoners may only receive parcels in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the prison governor. If the concern behind the new rules is to prevent contraband from entering prisons undetected, the answer is to instigate better checking procedures before sent items are allowed into prisons.
The imposition of a sweeping restriction on family and friends sending such items to their loved ones behind bars is an inordinately oppressive measure.
Exceptional circumstances are narrowly defined along the lines of articles necessary to assist with disability or health and artefacts for religious observance. They provide the means through which prisoners can learn the skills necessary to live within the law outside of prison walls.

He argues that prisoners have prison libraries at their disposal, so access to books is not being restricted.
She recently completed the BCL with distinction and is a frequent contributor to the Oxford Human Rights Hub Blog. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The blanket ban constitutes a disproportionate interference with prisoners’ rights as it unduly impedes access to education and rehabilitative resources.
Representatives of the Howard League for Penal Reform have expressed serious concerns about the scope of the provisions and their rational connection to legitimate penological policy. The sending of birthday presents, underwear and clothing is included in the ban and there is evidence that these restrictions will disproportionately affect female prisoners, who depend on family for additional clothing. Prisoners need access to the resources in prison that will prepare them for reintegration into society on release.
Yet in the current age of austerity, library provision in public institutions is far from a priority.

But imposing a blanket ban on sending books and essential items is not a proportionate way to achieve this. Depending on the subject matter, reading also facilitates the development of compassion, social skills and greater societal awareness. If an important aim of the criminal justice system is to provide prisoners with the tools they need to re-enter society, then surely limiting access to educational tools and necessities is pernicious to this aim. But for those apparently stuck in a life of crime, they can provide a lifeline to a more peaceful existence. The new approach as a whole sits ill at ease with the government’s professed commitment to encouraging prisoners to read.

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