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For timing the events, the sub-period of a planet which is auspiciously placed in the divisional chart, with reference to the ascendant of the divisional chart should be selected.
Needless to emphasize the importance and necessity of study of divisional charts as it helps us in accurately analyzing the horoscope to meet the requirements of complexities in modern life. The sign Capricorn rises in the ascendant and the Sun, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu become functional malefic planets. Aries Fortune favours you this week when find an unused shipping container down the back of the sofa. Knowing a good business opportunity when you see one, you convert it into a shop and relocate it to a busy Galliagh roadside.

Rahu-Ketu axis is not close to the most effective points of the houses occupied and therefore does not afflict the houses occupied and aspected. Mercury ruling fortune, father, preceptor, religion, pilgrimages, long journeys of short duration and life in foreign lands is weak as it is badly placed. Mars ruling mother, education, assets, vehicles, domestic peace and confidence is weak as it is in the state of infancy. The Moon ruling marriage is weak due to the weakness of its dispositor and close affliction by the functional malefic planet, Jupiter.
Saturn ruling status, wealth and family is weak as it is badly placed in the house of obstructions in the natal chart.

Jupiter ruling the house of losses, expenses, staying together with the spouse and life in foreign lands is weak as it is placed in its sign of debilitation. The Sun being most malefic planet closely afflicts the eleventh and fifth houses ruling fulfillment of desires and emotions, respectively.

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