Online book reading of chetan bhagat in marathi

The New York Times called Chetan Bhagat as the biggest-selling English-language novelist in India’s history.
Set against the backdrop of an educational institution – this time IIM, the author has recited a love story on the ‘North-South’ divide, currently in the markets.
To get more book review and author interview updates from ‘Between The Lines’, the must visit place? Jai is a vital combination of bones, blood and brains haunts this earth with a pen and camera capturing the various dimensions prevailing on this planet. With flare for sarcasm he writes for politically correct reasons.
A Book Reading on Chetan Bhagat's latest work, "2 States", followed by an interactive session with the author himself.
With his first three books already being widely read in India, he released his fourth book recently which generated a lot of anticipation before the release on Twitter and other online spaces. Love story of a Punjabi guy Krish, and a Tamil Brahmin girl Ananya and the sweet and sour marriage of paranthas and idlis, paneer and coconut, butter chicken and rasam.

Highlighting the pros and cons of two different cultural diversities; Chetan assures the fact that it’s possible. A reader only picks up a Chetan Bhagat novel to spend his time laughing at silly jokes and end the day with a relaxed mind.
What's more, you could win an autographed collection of Chetan Bhagat's books, by lucky draw! One thing that can be credited to this man is his ability to induce a reading culture amongst the audiences of India to pick up a book and read.
Krish and Ananya meet in the canteen for the first time and eventually over a few days of combined study, fall in love. No doubt, a traveller’s time pass; the books promises to be just to the heavy hectic meeting you’ve just ended. In the disclaimer, he says, though the book is inspired by his own family and experiences, he requests the book must be seen as a work of fiction.

A misfit for the company of the intellectual and the elite, this book holds no good in the shelf of someone who calls himself – ‘a reader’.
It takes sometime before they realize that they may not be able to convince their families to support their marriage. The twist in the tale is, they want to marry with their parents’ consent rather than choosing the easy way of eloping. Inter-caste marriages are still a taboo in India and let alone an inter-state marriage of a Punjabi and a Tam Brahmin.

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