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The holidays are coming soon and the end of 2013 will be here before we can turn around twice.  The magical date of December 31, 2013 marks the difference between tax planning and tax preparation!  Business owners have between now and then to react and plan for end of year deductions for the upcoming tax season or resolve to put their tax receipts together and pay the amount of taxes that are due. Having a solid financial understanding of your profit and loss statement will allow you to react before the year end or realize what your tax liability may be come April 15, 2014.  If you have had a stellar year and your balance sheet is showing a significant profit, congratulations on a job well done! NOW is the time to plan.  Take some time and review your financials to determine if any course of action should be taken to close out 2013. The Paxton Bookkeeping Tax Tips Newsletter provides subscribers with valuable free information, tips, and resources for maximizing your business.
Fileshare *NOTE: This fileshare system only supports Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. The Online Bookkeeping System (previously known as the Online Cash Book System) is clean, simple and affordable software tool for capturing transactions, without the expense of over-powered or complicated software. The online Web-Accountant™ portal becomes your branded delivery platform for presenting online tools. To purchase on it's own, the full Bookkeeping System (online and Excel template) is ?249 for the first year, including your own custom Web-Accountant™ portal. Additional systems are available at only ?149 for every 10 additional sets of books for the entire year!
Until the end of June 2010, you get the full Timesheet Management System for only ?249 ?99 for the first year! That's a saving of over 60% by jumping in now with this low cost online time recording tool. The separate online Web-Accountant™ portal provides you with a branded delivery platform using your own identity with logo and corporate colours. When new users are added to the system, user emails are automatically sent from your Web-Accountant™ portal with personal access details and link. All transactions are fully processed behind the scenes with the appropriate debits and credits to the accounts. A simple and easy way for businesses to keep records for Customers and Suppliers using these optional ledgers. The Online Bookkeeping System presents clear VAT Returns, collating the data and presenting it just as needed for the VAT Return.

Bank reconciliations can be performed any time, with simple entries and clearly reconciled reports. Full instructions with pop-up screenshots will guide you through the system and how it works.
Bear in mind this will be branded for your business with your own Web-Accountant™ portal!
To help you decide whether the Online Bookkeeping System is the solution for you and your clients we've introduced a free one month trial!
The trial has no feature restrictions and after the month we'll keep all your data for at least 3 months. The complete system, online and Excel template, along with 12 months of updates and support is available for just ?249 for the first year. Additional are available at only ?149 for every additional 10 cash books for the entire year! We're confident in our templates so if for any reason you are not fully satisfied within 30 days, we will give you a full refund! Kamile - 16 May 16Yeo Valley Family Farm seeks a Central Finance Manager to join their team in Highbridge, UK! Does keeping track of your mileage have you struggling to log the places you’ve been, and who you were there to meet? As tax season approaches I am always faced with the same question, can’t I just file my taxes on my own? Have you recently made a job change or perhaps you have been part of a corporate reorganization or downsize?  One of the most important questions you face when changing jobs is what to do with the money in your 401(k). Something any of your clients would be able to use and you can relax knowing accurate accounts can be kept and reconciled easily.
The functionality below has either been implemented already or is in current development and will be available very soon. You can enable it for new clients and users, and give them administration access to their own systems for managing users themselves.
These accounts are then controlled for transaction entry selection to reduce posting errors.

These figures as they appear on the return can also be clicked to drill down into the transactions behind them.
Automated emails can also be sent weekly with updated or complete transaction data in Excel. Updates are made regularly to the system so you don't need to worry about software installation or updates for the latest features and functionality. You might have slightly different needs to what this does, or your needs might change in the future.
A breach in the IRS last year allowed the thieves to steal names, addresses, Social Security numbers and more from thousands of individuals.
Making the wrong move could cost you thousands of dollars or more in taxes and lower returns. A professional service may trade for such things as a cleaning service, landscaping or plumbing. The final regulations apply to anyone who pays or incurs amounts to acquire, produce, or improve tangible real or personal property.
The rate falls to 23? a mile for medical travel and moving and remains at 14? for charitable driving. The problem comes when you start to complicate the tax return with company expenses, 1099 forms, employee expenses, write offs, travel, etc. With the 2015 tax season fast approaching, police warn of tax scams and increased calls from the ‘IRS’ that prey on the elderly and those whose first language is not English.
Every day businesses and retailers are being targeted by hackers located in the United States as well as countries such as China and Russia.
If you barter, you should be aware that the value of products or services from bartering is taxable income.

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