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It is delivered by Chartered Accountants in a workshop environment that is interactive and encourages learning through practical exercises.
It does not assume a background in Finance, so people from outside of Finance and people who work in Finance can both find this course beneficial. When you gain QuickBooks expertise, you jump onto the same platform as the majority of your current and prospective clients, enabling you to be the first point of contact when they need QuickBooks help, setup and consultation services. Once you learn all of QuickBook’s features and shortcuts, you'll work more efficiently which will open your schedule for even more billable hours! Learn QuickBooks more quickly and better than ever before with the Quickbooks Training Program from Universal Accounting®. This hands-on training process is the most complete ever created in the market anywhere, hands down. This self-paced, online program includes video-based training accompanied by interactive and instructional content.
You also get 6 months of expert support coaching to help you complete the course and implement your training with your clients. The Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks will help you gain the QuickBooks expertise you need in order to grow your business or advance your accounting career. Other professionals, like yourself,  have found great success upon completing the Professional Bookkeeper's Guide to QuickBooks training. We could go on, but we don’t want to make you wait any longer to change the course of your professional future! The Professional Bookkeeper's Guide to QuickBooks is made up of 22 easy-to-learn teaching units. Master the principles of Full-Charge Bookkeeping by becoming proficient in the practical application of the accounting processes in small to mid-sized businesses. We take your success seriously!Our students receive a very high level of support from our course tutors.

We work closely with our industry partners.Our courses are regularly updated so students gain relevant work ready skills. Our focus is on mentoring, inspiring and supporting people through training so their career or business can reap the rewards. Our promise to you!We believe the most important part of a promise is not the making of the promise, but rather the keeping of it.
To deliver a range of interactive online courses with relevant, up to date content developed by industry experts of educational support specifically developed to meet the different needs of our students. Our tutors are highly experienced in teaching online education and supporting students to encourage them to complete their course in order to improve their career prospects.. Daniel Hunt is a qualified chartered accountant, business advisor and the founder of The Career Academy. Daniel completed his postgraduate qualifications while working at PriceWaterhouse Coopers. Daniel is a writer for the new Chartered Accountants Program which is delivered by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ). Daniel has been involved in developing and delivering Business & Finance courses at multiple levels and has a passionate interest in distance and online education. It is essential that you know how accounting for sales and sales returns fits into the overall accounting system, and you should commit to memory the flow charts on pages 60 and 61 of the textbook. More terminology is introduced in this chapter on accounting for sales and sales returns, such as capital income and revenue income. We are also introduced to double entry bookkeeping and the use of debits and credits in this chapter. Before attempting this quiz you should have read chapter 3 entitled Accounting for Sales and Sales Returns of your recommended textbook “Bookkeeping 1?.
Please attempt all questions and then press the submit button at the end, you will then be taken to your results page. Name1 Above are a Remittance Advice Note and a sales account of the customer in the accounting records of the seller – Smart Ltd.

Jessie (left), is our new senior tutor, a CA with a comprehensive accounting background and expertise in tax and Xero.
The Career Academy’s course delivery is flexible, so our students can study with minimal disruption to their daily life. We work hard to meet our students’ expectations and strive to deliver high quality educational support to help candidates learn new skills and become qualified. During this time he was encouraged to pursue teaching in business, accounting and bookkeeping, and saw a need for people other than those working toward a tertiary qualification to receive high quality education. This is a professional program which is completed by almost 4,000 aspiring chartered accountants each year. Classification of income is very popular with Accounting examiners, so expect a question on it in the exam. Have a go at the quiz below and test your knowledge of accounting for sales and sales returns.
Identify any discrepancy that you may find with the Remittance Advice Note: Credit note not on Remittance Advice Note Invoice not on Remittance Advice Note Total on Remittance Advice Note is incorrect Delivery note missing from Remittance Advice Note2 Complete the missing word.
We offer flexible payment plans so anyone wanting to learn has the opportunity no matter their circumstances. He also works closely with the New Zealand Bookkeepers Association (NZBAI) to provide training & education for bookkeepers. All our tutors are either qualified in the National Certificate in Adult Education and Training or currently completing this qualification.

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