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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. August 4, 2011 by Glen Robinson 5 Comments Student returning to the Southwestern Adventist University campus in a few weeks will experience something different as part of fall registration. While the new bookstore isn’t a physical place that allows students to loiter and buy a snack with their friends, it has many advantages over the old method of getting ready for school.
Students who visit the site have the option of signing in to their own account, which keeps track of past purchases, rental and sales. When the student has gone through their schedule for that semester, and entered the textbooks he or she wants to buy or rent, the website gives students options on how to pay for the books.
At the end of the semester, another button at the top—“Sell Textbooks”—will make an offer on purchasing textbooks from students.

The change is consistent with the growing tendency by students to purchase their textbooks online, as opposed to from a physical bookstore. The Online Bookstore is also accessible via the dropdown menu (under Services) at the school’s official website.
There has been some talk about making it the site of the student center, but that has yet to be officially decided.
Will there still be a University Store that will sell SWAU Knights items and such for alumni and friends of the university? Or they can click on the button above that reads “Order Textbooks.” The student will be asked to choose the term (which semester), the department the class is in, the course number, and the section.
The eCampus option will help students make sure they are obtaining the right textbooks, while benefiting from buying online.

I have always loved going into the bookstore to get my books especially since I been able to get them with my school account.
Now I can’t use the school account and have to now pay for shipping and handling and have to make sure that I purchase them more like at least one to two weeks in advance to make sure that I have the books by the time school starts.
It then gives students the option of buying a new textbook, a used textbook, or even renting the textbook for the semester, with prices for each option spelled out.

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