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An operator greets you with a recorded welcome message along with an advertisement and asks you to select one of the Free411 service. After this voice message is detected by their system, they will run a short advertisement of their sponsor and make sure you don’t press any number at this time.
So enjoy this trick to make free international and local calls and make sure you don’t abuse the system. SUPER HACK - How To Unlock An Iphone - It works for any Iphone 5s, Iphone 6, Iphone 5, IPhone 5c, Iphone 4s, Iphone 6 plus or any other. The advent of video calling has brought a significant change in this fast growing world of internet.
Skype, one of the Top FREE Video Calling Software provides a very easy to use and easy to understand environment for video calling and audio calling. Eyeball Chat is another very good FREE video calling software very well known for its group chatting features.
Yugma software provides FREE web conferencing solutions for personal use as well as organizational use.
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More in Desktop Tools7 Best FREE Image Watermarking ToolsWater marking is a very unique and a useful tool for hiding texts and images. If you’re fortunate enough to own the stylish a comparable smartphone or tablet which usually runs the popular Android operating system, now you can enjoy free messages, calls and multimedia messages thanks to a new app called Viber.

Viber is an app that is presently in the list of top free apps inside the Android market download charts, and offers an revolutionary means of communicating for free via various formats. Rather than utilizing cellular data which is usually used as the medium via that calls and messages are sent, Viber calls upon a Wi-Fi or 3G connection and uses this to send data, basically eliminating the necessity to use cellular data supplied by your phone network.
Provided that the Viber app is free to download and use (it won’t also have ads like several free apps), that is certainly worth a download in my opinion. All you need is a mic with ear phones, a decent internet connection and Yahoo Messenger or Skype Installed.I’m now using this free call method and the great thing is that, this trick can be used to make unlimited call to mobiles all over the world and not limited to United states. For quick contacts and instant messaging, video calls have widely replaced the emails and text chatting. Video Calling is indeed an important tool for many business meetings and also a very useful tool for your home use to stay in touch with your far-distant friends and relatives. The best features of iVisit include video and audio chatting, also, we can share documents while on call and also we can view the other person’s desktop with whom we are video calling.
Multiple video conferencing and files and photo sharing is a very useful addition to this software.
It is easy to use which is available for the Windows, Mac and Linux computers and are easy to get to.
At that time of writing, over 40 million Android smartphone people have downloaded Viber, making it one of the best popular communications apps yet.
Even if you don’t utilize it often it really is a great idea to get it installed as a backup just in case you exceed your data allowance. When you hear this, don’t press any number on your keyboard and instead SAY “Free call” loudly on your microphone connected to your PC.

There are various video calling software, all of these are very very easy to understand and to access. Skype has recently been bought by the Microsoft, which has contributed towards making this great software more convenient.
The amazing feature of Ekiga is that it enables Call Holding, Call Transferring and Call Forwarding. Viber is accessible for Android and iOS, and given their combined market share, almost all of your contacts must be able to install the app on the handset. Likewise, if you’ve a limit on your own data allowance (most recent tariffs in the UK have a 500MB or 1GB data limit), then you definitely can also apply it over a Wi-Fi network to protect your data allowance for more important tasks for example browsing the internet. Skype enables two way video calling demanding very simple system configurations and internet speed.
Viber will automatically sync using your current contacts when installed which means you will know instantly which of your friends curently have Viber. Please note though, that in case you are have exceeded your data limit for the 30 days and use Viber, data charges may apply, although this could be solved by using a Wi-Fi connection. In ooVoo, we can video chat with 12 different persons at a time.  We can also record and send our entire video chat.

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