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Obviously, this woman's mind, like her life, jumps from one genre to another, but she is happy with romantic suspense, and is focused on writing her thirteenth manuscript. Or is it fourteenth? Chloe and the SpyHistorical Romantic Suspense by Justine Wittich Lady Chloe Lockwood’s fascination with her aunt’s groom puts her life and her heart in peril. Hidden LegacyWith the help of history professor Josh Matthews and Lazarus the cat, Mindy Canaday sets out to discover who pushed her aunt Felicity down the stairs.

SwitchNewly single Abby Garrett offers Jonathan Morrow room and board as part of his pay to help rehab the fixer-upper she received as a divorce settlement. After an unexplained fall, PBS art maven Summer Souder, drama queen, is billeted on Ethan for the duration of her recovery.

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