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I am having a tidy up of PDF files I have down loaded at various times and printing them out as I have found that leaving them on the computer means they get forgotten if I am not careful.
The full and wordy title is A Treatise on Embroidery, Crochet and Knitting with illustrations adapted to the use of M.Heminway and Sons’ Wash Silks (Oriental Dyes). This  post is eye candy heavy but I hope people will realise that the book is worth downloading and enjoying. Embroiderers you will discover a number of different combination stitches in the first section of the book. Apart from some really lovely embroidery patterns also included are some alphabets which are always handy. These fantastic designs look as if they are classic botanical illustrations.
Sorry about the heavy eye candy but there is some very nice material in this book and I encourage you to look at it. From page 56 onwards there is small section on Drawn thread work before moving on to Crochet, Lace and knitting.

After putting your newly published book on sale, your can track your sales and earnings using Author Dashboard. I will have to investigate it further because at first glance it looks like closed Cretan stitch but my point is that this is just the sort of source where I find interesting variations of stitches. Since I am not a knitter I can not really say how useful some of these patterns are but I did like some of the sock patterns! I have downloaded it as there are some lovely patterns in it and as you say it is a great resource. In this type, of infrastructure you have the ability to get your content printed only when required and in exact quantity required. But the problem again is, you need people to format your content properly and create Cover Page. Here you will find tutorials, free patterns, stitch instructions, and tips and stitchers eye candy!

But going through the processes of offset printing is quite tiresome and requires a good deal of money to start. This service uses latest technologies like digital printing, and the result is a bit costly as compared to traditional, offset printing works. Generally, these works are done by professionals and it all adds to the cost of the book. Since this service uses feeds to create your e-book, therefore, the feeds type selection must be carefully changed before requesting.
But they may still prove to be quite confusing and waist of time especially for authors whose priority is to remain creative and productive.

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