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By Echo September 11, 2015 < Index >The next session of Echo’s Online Psychic Development Course begins on Monday, September 14. Echo Bodine first discovered she was born with psychic abilities and the gift of healing at the age of 17. Explore YOUR intuition online in a sequence of time-tested professional psychic development courses. You’ll end this course with a deeply embodied experience of your own psychic brilliance, having done several readings for yourself and for others.
Experience, first-hand, the miracles that unfold when you use proven psychic skills and tools to gain accurate insights and align with your soul’s guidance and your brilliant spiritual destiny. Having psychic bursts of precognition, telekinesis or healing ability… and wish you could APPLY them on demand? This course can be taken with live components or as a home-study program.  30-Day Money Back Guarantee! In this course, you will learn exactly how professional Intuitives make informed decisions based on Higher Guidance. You were afraid to tell some people about your sensitivity because they don’t understand…or worse – you did tell them and the response was less than desirable.
If that’s you, then you will LOVE Discover Your Inner Treasures Online Psychic Training: An 8 Week Psychic Development Sampler. Get into the next live online training to develop your intuitive skills by learning proven tricks, tips and techniques with verified psychic medium Lisa Atkinson. Get incredibly in-depth, simple, experiential, profoundly informative yet fun online classes taught by Verified Psychic Medium Lisa Atkinson. Enrollment cost is ONLY $97.   This special introductory price is LESS THAN one hundred bucks for ALL OF THIS with EIGHT LIVE CALLS!!! I participated in an angel channeling class with Lisa and it was an eye opener to say the least, to learn how I could get messages from spirit from passed over loved ones, through my clear knowing, through hearing and seeing. Get instant guidance any time using these powerful card reading methods.  You will also get an oracle card reading that is actually all about you and your pathway in psychic development!

Empower yourself with an understanding of the basic secret symbols of numbers that come up all the time. Higher Power Higher Self Activation time!  This week, we’re blasting into the fifth dimension by integrating your own soul goodness into your work to infuse it with higher light. Find out how psychic spies learned about secret nuclear installations in Russia in the 60’s. In the final week, we will celebrate your intuition applied to your life now, the discovery of your unique psychic style, explore how you can use your gifts in the most fulfilling ways. Lisa Atkinson’s PsychicU Discover Your Psychic Treasures is your psychic passport to infinite discovery.
You get 8 weekly emails with links to the course materials so that you can watch the training video courses, listen to mp3 meditations, and do the exercises. Lisa Atkinson’s live teaching experience includes leading psychic workshops for adults as well as instructing creative expansion and building design for kids. Develop psychic ability with tarot cards: when you are comfortable with relaxing and slowing your mind, a good way to tune in and develop psychic ability is to play. Great information free psychic chat rooms, physic readings, absolutely free online psychic readings.
Get psychic question, visit free psychic question, free online psychic chat, psychic readings online, psychic predictions. Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. If you or someone you love has untapped psychic gifts and don’t live close enough to study with us at the Center, join Echo online!
Her abilities include clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (sensing), and clairgustance (smell). You’ll explore your psychic gifts and abilities from the inside out, in alignment with your higher power and your divine intuitive juice.
We all have these abilities and we can help them to grow through practice and Lisa’s classes and psychic university helped me to learn how to further do that.

You’ll activate your psychic pathways with a basket of goodies including a proven obstacle awareness exercise to help you clear away your resistance. You’ll be given the option of taking a Spiritual Service questionnaire and assessing your applied intuitive skills. She took psychic classes for two years and practiced on friends and family for twelve years before beginning her full time practice as a psychic, healer and ghostbuster in 1979.
You’ll be invited to LIVE conference calls or web hangouts each week, where we will address your results, challenges and questions. I love her uplifting, gracious and loving energy and I always feel her joy when I speak to her. You’ll learn to do a reading for yourself or another person with basic number symbols.
Get an understanding about how you really can look at non-local places in the universe through proven techniques.
You will learn more about doing symbol readings in a new technique!  You also get a personalized reading on your work as well as a printable psychic skills oracle card deck to take you into your future. Along with her UCLA Bachelors degree and my Masters degree in Architecture, she is an accomplished and verified psychic as well as an award-winning poet and the esteemed author of The Love Notes Oracle Cards deck and guidebook. Call in higher power and ground your spiritual voltage.  Learn your first powerful psychic technique: Do a reading to look into your own immediate future!
This divination practice can inform you about your immediate path as well as your long-term purpose. Find out how to access your subconscious mind and empower yourself on the subconscious level.  And attend a mastermind meeting to explore the infinite and expansive you. As always, you’ll be invited to listen or attend the live mastermind to discuss your incredible rock star results!

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