Online read alouds for third grade

Read To Me is a  nonprofit site for online read alouds, and book lesson plans with discussion questions.
One of the best website for online read alouds of children’s books is Storyline Online. 2. National Geographic - listen and read along to over 30 issues of the NG Young Explorers! Many of the titles on this site are different from titles available on the other read aloud sites.

All of these sites are free and provide kids with the opportunity to hear stories being read aloud.
On the left side you’ll see different categories to click on, including Folktales & Fables, Animals, Nature, Family, and more! It is so very important for kids to be able to listen to great fluency to help build their own fluency. These read-aloud sites can be a great addition to your reading time at home or in school! Readers include James Earl Jones, Elijah Wood, Betty White, Bradley Whitford, Al Gore, and more!

Stories aren’t read automatically, so kids will have to click on the arrows and the little ear icon on each page to listen. Some of the popular SAG members featured reading children’s books are Al Gore, Elijah Wood, Camryn Manheim, Betty White, Melissa Gilbert, Hector Elizondo, Robet Guillaume, Ernest Borgnine, Bradley Whitford, just to name a few.

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