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A lot of Famous  Indian Newspaper offers E-version or electronic version of Newspaper on their Website. These E-version of newspapers are known as e-paper .You can access them easily , In this post we will explore some of the India's famous English and Hindi Daily Newspapers that Gives Digital version of newspapers on their websites.
Also you can choose Edition City to get local News , currently offering TOI editions of Mumbai , Delhi , Jaipur , Ahmedabad , Bangalore , Chennai , kochi , Kolkata , Hyderabad , Pune . You can access Indian express of 7 cities in India namely Delhi , Chandigarh , Mumbai , Ahmedabad , Pune , kolkata and Lucknow.

Epaper are very much useful as a person sitting in US can easily access Indian newspapers easily using Internet, also the best thing is : You can access them absolutely free. Also you can choose between Standard and Lite version of newspaper depending upon Your Connection speed.
Also they allow various editions like Delhi , Chandigarh , Kolkata , Bhopal , Indore and many more editions. Don't forget to share this and Like Us On Facebook to stay Updated with Latest Tech Updates , Gadgets review and Useful websites.

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