Online reading activities for year 1

Over the decades, as a first grade and ESL teacher, I have sifted numerous reading strategies through the instructional sieve. When a short vowel is introduced each student makes their own vowel tent by folding a colored 3 x 5 index card to form a tent.
After extensive practice and mastery of short vowel sounds, long vowel sounds are introduced. Strategies for teaching reading to beginning readers, struggling readers, and English language learners of all ages.
The Wellington Square website is designed for use alongside the book components of the Wellington Square Reading Scheme. The website is easy to navigate and contains a range of activities to support the teaching of reading skills to pupils with Additional Support Needs. Pupils must read each character’s area before attempting the quiz section, as all questions are related to the character information and character facts. These resources could be used in a variety of settings – whole class teaching, group work or independently.  Worth a look!
This entry was posted in Additional Support, ICT, Literacy, Uncategorized and tagged Additional Support Needs, ICT, Literacy by Shirley Lawson. Do your students ever need to deal with native speakers who are less than happy with something? This business worksheet looks at the disparity between the number of women and men in senior management positions. If students are planning to stay at a hotel overseas, it's always a good idea to check out reviews online first. As an extra activity, your students can draw up a contract for parents and adult children living together. Standard and Extended Licence accounts allow only the account holder to log in and access the worksheets.
Once Handouts Online has received confirmation of your payment, a confirmation email will be sent to you. This worksheet is part of a series of handouts looking at different business-related topics.
There are also vocabulary-building exercises, with your students learning phrases such as 'curb the deficit', 'rein in public sector pay', 'denounce the rise', 'ballot members' and more. With lots of discussion questions, this is a great worksheet for advanced-level students who want to be able to talk fluently about the current business climate.

This handout provides a balance of activities, including vocabulary building, reading, retelling and discussion questions.
This worksheet has been updated with new illustrations and a vocabulary quiz which you can use in the lesson, or the following week.
It is said that managers typically spend thirty to fifty percent of the working day in meetings.
This worksheet looks at the topic of business meetings, with ideas on how to make them more productive. Language practiced includes: 'how long have you been able to' and 'I've never been able to'. You can reinforce the target language with our class survey, or use out set of discussion question cards. This worksheet looks at the topic of hotel through an interview with a Hotel GM - the General Manager. There is a vocabulary matching exercise, followed by a gap-fill reading, idiom work, role-play and discussion. There is a mix-and-match idiom game which you can either cut up or (if you're short of time) hand out as it is. There are exercises to consolidate the language, and your students will have the opportunity to use them in discussion at the end of the lesson. For example, when short a is introduced, all students will make a tent out of a yellow card and write a on each side.
Students may keep the cards in their desk or in another personalized space for quick and easy access.
The website also has ‘Ask a Question’ which pupils can address to a character and receive a reply on the website the following day. There is an extended conversation, practice exercises and the opportunity to role-play different scenarios. Check that you are able to view Handouts Online Worksheets, by opening one of our free sample worksheets. Do your students dream of escaping another tourist trap, and doing something more worthwhile?
Kindergartners, teachers, and parents can print, download, or use the free addition worksheet online. The first is labeled "Download" which will prompt you to download the PDF version of this kindergarten worksheet.

These multisensory activities enable struggling and dyslexic readers to learn the vowel sounds. Stand the corresponding white cards behind the colored cards and give the sound of any short or long vowel sound. It is now a cultural center of the community, where Patricia is secretary for the Area Community Theater of Sharpsville. Each character area contains an introduction, game, quiz, character information, character facts and character questions.  A coloured logo on each web page specifies the reading level for that page. It is your responsibility to check that you are able to open Handouts Online materials before joining. The teacher can quickly assess who knows the vowel sound by the color of card they hold up.
Vocabulary from that level’s word wall is included in the text and there are links to some of the books the pupils may have read. Online Extended Licence members can also use our worksheets in online lessons through Skype or as email attachments for just $30 a year. Only members with the Online Extended Licence may send worksheets to students online via either Skype or as an email attachment. With practice short and long vowels will be mastered in an engaging manner in a short amount of time. Worksheets can be printed out and photocopied for use in the account holder's lessons by all members. Selecting this will take you to another web page that only has the kindergarten addition worksheet so that you can print the worksheet inside of your browser. Then release responsibility to the students by asking a student to give one of the short vowel sounds. They invariably will give the name of the vowel away, also, but will learn to say only the sound with practice. This will take you to our kindergarten web app where you complete the addition worksheet using your computer, iPad, or other tablet device.
This activity also allows the teacher to assess not only who can recognize the vowel sound but who can produce the sounds.

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