Online reading comprehension year 2

Reading Comprehension – developing a variety of reading strategies with the larger goal of strong comprehension.
Designed principally for after school study and summer study, K5 is also used by homeschoolers, special needs and gifted kids.
These virtual tours show teachers how to enroll their students into the three LGL Edge series courses linked to the DORA reading assessment. Our blogs discuss issues pertaining to the Education community for both educators and parents.
All these worksheets and activities for teaching Reading comprehension have been designed by English language teachers. Students read a text with 3 teenagers? opinions about their families and then do the reading tasks: vocabulary in context, finding evidence, answering questions and references.
This is a Reading + Writing Test I made for my 7th graders a few years ago and I?ve transformed it into a worksheet (3 Pages). This is the first of 2 lessons on "My favourite TV programme" Series, Reading leading to Writing (2 Pages). I saw the pictures on the cafe yesterday posted by Isabelucha and couldn?t resist preparing this ws. I?ve created this worksheet to explain my pupils the British School system and its traditions. This is the first of 2 lessons on "My favourite Band"- Series Reading leading to Writing (2 Pages). This is a collection of 6 texts and tasks (multiple choice and open cloze), but I?ve also added speaking and writing tasks related to each subject and text.
Next week my students (7th graders, A2 Level) have a reading test, and I?ve created this one so that they can practise and feel more confident.

Students read the text - 2 teenagers saying how Americans spend Julky 4th - and do a multiple choice exercise. It?s an easy reading comprehension task with a new set of ?my houses? and the lovely figures of Country Clipart by Lisa. A set of British peculiarities which will bring a knowing smile to any native and insight to everyone else, into some of the little things which all add up to you catching a glimpse of what "Britishness" is all about.
This is a reading in several tenses with comprehension questions, a vocabulary exercise, and five conversation questions that are about weather. Some new ideas on reading comprehension, avoiding the traditional and boring one (a text followed by comprehension questions). This is another example of reading comprehension at an elementary level to practise there is and there are.
This is a worksheet I did some years ago to call my students? attention to the dangers of chat rooms. Kids work at their own level and their own pace through a personalized program of over 3,000 online tutorials and activities. First, she advises that we practice mindfulness and gives several suggestions on how to do so. Students scan the text to identify who the statements refer to (more than one answer is possible). 1? They say if some statements are true or false, you can ask them to correct the false ones. I chose various texts from the internet and e-mails, to use sth different from the usual test texts.

This worksheet is aimed at revising grammar points (can have got, to be), body parts, action verbs. 1? They read the story and complete it with the present simple or past simple of the verbs in brackets.
But beside doing the task, the worksheet can be used in many different ways for vocabulary extension, speaking practice, pair- and group work (e.g. This is the first lesson plan I prepared to share some techiniques I?ve been using and improving in the past two years. They read the text, decide true or false, match the words with their opposites and answer the questions.
Second, she urges us to read, reflect, and plan -- just as many of us have advised our students. Writing about students? daily routine from the time they wake up till they leave for school. 2?- They read some statements and decide if they are true or false according to the information given in the text (you can ask them to correct the false ones). 3?-They fill in the blanks in some sentences using the present simple of one of the verbs in the list provided. During the hectic hullabaloo of the school year, there is rarely time to think deeply, wonder, peruse, or chat with colleagues about things related to our profession.

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