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In looking for a printable reading log online, I was rather discouraged to find very few attractive options that would work for a middle schooler.
As always, I love to hear when you use the free printables from The Notebooking Fairy in your homeschool.
We too had problems finding a reading log suitable for slightly older kids, but I just made do with the best of what I could find. Corrie, a Google search for the term reading log will give you lots of options, almost all at the elementary level. I love your reading logs but was wondering if you had one that also has a check box for narration.
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In my experience, most high school students are familiar with reading logs, as they had to use logs in elementary and middle school.
This is the first level of reading log, which I use for students who come in reading below a 6th grade reading level.

This is the second level of reading log, which I use for students who read on traditional middle school levels. This is the third level of reading log, which I plan to use for students who are on or slightly above grade level.
The fourth level of reading log, which will be for students well above grade level, is not a true log.
There are some cutesy ones well suited for elementary aged readers, but a twelve year old doesn’t want a silly dinosaur on her reading log. Has been great for someone like myself with very little experience with online dating website! It serves as a tool to track student accountability in an independent reading program, by asking them to record the amount of time they spend reading and the number of pages they have read.
It demonstrates growth in reading level, comprehension, and higher-level thinking, and it is a scaffold for book projects, as much of the information students write down in reading logs can help students with their book projects. I generally walk students through the different levels of reading logs, and clarify any aspect of the logs that confuses them. It resembles a regular reading log, with space to record time and page numbers, but also gives students the space to answer questions about what they have read.
It resembles the level one reading log, with spaces to record time and page numbers, but the questions are more complex, focusing less on comprehension and more on higher-order thinking.
Rather than recording time and page numbers, this log focuses more on student thinking, with choices for questions and an expectation that students will be thinking about their reading.
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These numbers are excellent for ensuring that students are reading a book that is appropriate for their levels (generally, one page every two minutes indicates the appropriate level), but those numbers don't tell the whole story of a student's reading life.

Depending on each student's individual skills you can adapt the questions, and also change the size of the space (for example, a student who struggles with fine motor skills might need a larger space for answering questions). This type of log, with its continued emphasis on time and pages, also helps me, as the teacher, to track growth, while still increasing higher-level thinking. This will be an experiment this year, because I did not use this type of reading log last year. I hope the variety will mean that at least a few of the pages suit what you are looking for in a reading log.
Including questions to answer on the reading log shows whether students truly comprehend what they are reading, and asks them to think more deeply about what they are reading. I found that this reading log worked very well for these lower-level students, because they were thinking about their reading, but simultaneously increasing their reading skills. This is the reading log I used with my students who read on 6th grade level and above, and those who were reading on the traditional middle school levels improved the most, growing several grades. However, I found far less growth from students who started out on grade level, because they were using the same reading logs as their less-advanced classmates.
I experimented with this type of reading log with one very advanced student, and it seemed to work well for her.
A particular student with multiple disabilities in one of my classes, who tested below a second-grade reading level in September, tested on a fourth-grade level in June.

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