Online reading phonics program

It will help your kids to learn English reading fast while they have fun during the learning. Think about a virtual classroom where no teacher is present, rather your kid is playing games, taking own decision and going after own aspiration. If you don’t know or do know any such site, I would recommend you to check out ABC Reading Eggs. This website is cleverly designed to let children get a feel of playground rather than classroom.

I strongly recommend this site and also warn you that you might have to loose your computer to your kid.
If you are interested in preschool games online for kids then please check out this article about preschool games online for kids.
The cartoon characters and sounds are made to attract children and thereby allow them to play the reading games lightheartedly fun way. Your kid will be obsessed in playing while not realizing that it is actually an educational program.

It also helps the young readers to blend the sounds of letters together so that they can read some unknown words.
He started to read the Magic tree house books even before he finished his Grade 1 Hooked on Phonics books.

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