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Whether you are looking for a home school reading program, reading programs for struggling readers, reading programs for kids, a free summer reading program – you name it, you can use this program to help you.
If you would like to receive a sample of our word for word directions, or, if you want to sign up to receive an email each day to follow our free reading program, enter your information into this form and we will send you a daily email for our learn to read program. Now you can begin our phonics reading program to help the children sound out words and practice reading, writing, spelling and sentence formation. Just thought I would pass this along in case any of you were looking for more ideas for summer literacy activities for your children.  Enjoy! Filed Under: Elementary, Homeschool Freebies, Middle School, Reading Get $250 in HOMESCHOOL FREEBIES + Extra Discounts with ANY BYB Purchase! If you want some help in teaching your child to read at home, consider using one of the excellent online reading programs now available.
Most kids love to play games on the computer or other electronic devices and my children are no exception. The enticing format of the best online reading programs mean that children learn to read without even noticing it.
There are some free online reading programs available, but if you are looking for a program for your child to follow regularly - perhaps daily or several times a week, with progress monitoring and content tailored to your child, it is worth considering one of the fee-paying on-line reading programs. Computer reading programs generally require little parental involvement, which might appeal if you think your child would not respond so well to you as the teacher. Most of the online reading programs suggest regular use of their programs, perhaps for 20 minutes a day or every other day, in order to get the best results. Does the program offer to test your child before they start to ensure they begin at the right reading level, or does your child have to start from the beginning of the program regardless of their reading level?
Does your child work systematically through all the lessons, or does the program automatically adapt the next lesson presented to your child, based on their previous progress? Does the program offer a free trial so that you can see if your child likes it before buying? The Reading Eggs online reading program teaches your child to read using a combination of animation, activities and reward games to keep them motivated. The online reading program from Reading Eggs consists of 120 animated lessons organised into 3 stages, with 40 lessons in each stage.
When your child starts the program, they can complete a placement quiz to ensure they start at the correct reading level.
As well as the online lessons, the program offers, at an additional cost, book packs with real books to be read at home, progress posters and stickers and writing activities to complete in the Reading Eggs Activity Books.
You can buy a 6 month, 1 year or 2 year subscription or you can sign up for a FREE trial first to see how your child likes it.
Reading Eggs also has a website for 7-12 year olds called Reading Eggspress which is designed to take your childa€™s English and reading skills to the next level with hundreds of hours of motivating learning activities. Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics is an online reading program which uses interactive cartoon lessons, games and activities to teach your child letter sounds, word blending, spelling and reading skills. A lesson starts by introducing a particular phonics sound to your child and demonstrating how the sound can be incorporated into the beginning, middle and ending of words.

If your child answers a question incorrectly multiple times, the program re-teaches the learning points until the correct response is given, rather than giving away the correct answer.
To purchase Looney Tunes Phonics you can buy either an annual subscription or a lifetime subscription. This online reading program attempts to simplify things for beginner readers by first introducing very consistent letters and sounds, such as 'ee', 'v', 'cl' and 'an', which are read the same way in the majority of their occurrences. Headsprout also offers an online Reading Comprehension program for over sevens which provides engaging instruction in how to read for meaning and how to apply these skills across subject areas and on standardized tests. Study Dog was founded in 2002 and has been used for a number of years in many schools across the US. A comprehensive pretest determines the reading level of your child thereby ensuring that the lessons start at the appropriate level.
Your child is encouraged to take a maximum of one new lesson per day for two or three days a week. Originally launched in the US in a popular workbook format, Explode the Code now also offers an online reading program. The progress assessments that accompany the Discover Intensive Phonics at Home and Reading Horizons at Home software reading programs are more broad and powerful than ever before, and can now be accessed online!
The reading assessments are made up of four components: Word Recognition, Phonemic Awareness, Most Common Words, and Word Segmentation.
Progress assessments are given with the help of an administrator, so their results are dependent on the administrator's listening skills and judgment.
Word Recognition Assessment Widget - Similar to the Recognition Assessment above, this simple word recognition assessment widget also helps to determine a students' reading grade level.
Phonemic Awareness Assessment - measures a student's ability to recognize individual phonemes and rhymes. Segmentation Assessment - measures a student's ability to accurately produce individual phonemes. You can also use the Reading Horizons at Home Online Dyslexia Assessment to help you identify if you or your child is dealing with Dyslexia. Free, Online Dyslexia Test - this comprehensive assessment tests dyslexia symptoms, phonemic awareness, decoding skills, and how to get help for treatment for dyslexia. The only one-on-one, learn-to-read program that gives every child the Dog they need to become a reading Master.
Give them great characters, an intriguing plot and the thrill of discovery and kids will ask for StudyDog every time. PreK Reading - Your child will learn letter recognition, rhyming sounds and all other skills necessary to successfully prepare for phonics. Kindergarten Reading - Your child will learn Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension; the complete Kindergarten curriculum. First Grade Reading - Your child will learn all of the 1st grade reading skills, including contractions, complex words and vowel sounds.
Second Grade Reading - If your child is a little behind, StudyDog will prepare an individualized reading program that teaches skills that were not adequately mastered.

We encourage you to take your time on these 26 topics chosen to inspire, encourage and empower our homeschooling readers. The hostess for this series would like to invite you to join our Facebook group inspired by this series, where we will provide addition homeschooling tips in addition to what is included in these series. Allow me to introduce you to the series offered in this 31 days of homeschooling tips for moms, and get you started in a month full of new ideas, sparked interests and helpful tips that can make a difference in your homeschooling year.
Misty is a Daughter of THE King, Texas girl always, Navy brat at heart, loving Fisherman's wife, blessed mother of 2 and author of Beautiful Ashes. With the Online Reading Assessments, you can assess student knowledge and print a report showing results from all four areas of the test. The assessment begins with easier level words and moves to progressively more difficult words based on students' performance. The use of graphics helps motivate and ensure students' knowledge of the vocabulary used. Students' difficulties with specific individual sounds are identified in context of nonsense words to ensure that students are not reading memorized words. At the end of your 7 day trial and once you purchase, you have a full 30 days to check it out — and if you're not completely satisfied with your child's progress, we will absolutely, positively give you a full refund for your purchase. We would love to have you pin the post that inspire you, share the series that encourage and pass along these 31 day series to empower those you know who could benefit the most from them. She is passionate about being real throughout all of life's struggles, successes and dreams.
Mom!Mom blog and elementary school librarian sharing product reviews, giveaways, and lifestyle articles for parents.
This information assists in prescribing extra practice in phonemes that are difficult to pronounce.
There are 26 homeschooling bloggers, who came together to provide our readers with 31 days of homeschooling tips, touching on 26 different topics. Her heart is full of ideas and passions, but the hours in her day never multiply to get it all done. Then begin the Phonics Reading Program around Day 15, and then the Word Family Videos around Day 25. The Monthly plan rate is billed at the beginning of each renewal period and will continue until canceled.
To change or resign your subscription, please login into the Parent Center or email StudyDog customer support directly.

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