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DarkSpace is a Multiplayer Online Game set in the time of space travel and interstellar warfare. Dragons of Atlantis (DoA) is a strategy MMO that offers a fresh retelling of the legend of Atlantis, adding future technology and dragons to it.
Duel of Champions (DoC) is an online collectible card game set in the Might & Magic universe.
Like Farmville on Steroids, with better graphics and more community features than other games like it. Game of Thrones is a Facebook strategy game set in the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' universe from George R.
In this multiplayer strategy game, your goal is to build your small Greek town into a sprawling empire.
HearthStone has a lot of staying power, considering its polish and the well-established lore. Massively multiplayer strategy & diplomacy game featuring space wars, trading, alliances, spying, role playing and much more, in a permanent universe. Imperia Online is a browser-based, strategic empire builder MMO set in the Medieval period. The gameplay doesn't stray much from the usual formula of online empire builder games, so if you're a veteran of that genre, Imperia Online won't be too much of an unfamiliar territory to cover. Casual players will find little use for the game's cash shop offerings, but hardcore gamers will definitely need to invest some money if they want to play at a competitive level.
As far as modern MMOs are concerned, Imperia Online isn't a ground-breaking or stand-out game. Just over a month ago, IGG was announcing a new fantasy MMORPG for PC, in which players could change the types of skills so as to create a unique class by themselves.
Various Skill Combinations and a Flexible Class System - Angels Online will offer players nearly 40 Class Skills and hundreds of spells, which will definitely allow their players to pursue their ideal classes. Mounts, Pets, and Mini-Games Let You Have Fun - Players can ride various cute animals such as turtles, little pigs, horses, and big lizards to wander around the fascinating world. Twilight War - Online Roleplaying Game From Games (1600x1200, 363K)PC:(To set the image as wallpaper, right click the image and choose 'Set as Background')!
A medieval RPG, real time strategy, or first person shooter, all with a tremendous amount of customization and beautiful graphics. As mentioned, it’s a crossover that has the players defend their cities, which have to be planned carefully indeed. The concept is fun, but once you get asked for money the hundredth time, it becomes annoying in no time. Players start with a city, construct buildings and recruit troops to conquer the wilderness; players can also form alliances for protection and massive attacks.
Choose from three factions with unique bonuses and try to become the mightiest card master there is.
Even now there’s a lot of fun to be had in this rather unique blend of the two towering game genres. With a single, engrossing universe having about 40-50 thousand players online simultaneously, Eve Online is very much a landmark game.
The game is set in a SimCity-ish environment, and you do your best to respond to emergencies that happen in the city by sending fire trucks, police trucks or ambulance cars. Players take hold of a stone age settlement and help their people progress through the ages by managing their city, producing troops and gathering resources all while keeping the populace happy; this is like a slower version of Age of Empires. Players build their cities, recruit troops and manage resources to become the best in the world, which is based on medieval Europe. You have to upgrade your stadium to host games, sign new players and trade away those who don’t fit in, sign deals with sponsors (you can even negotiate with them), and keep your players in top form to ensure you emerge victorious versus other football managers. Players progress through the story, manage their castle’s resources and expand its walls. Players start with a basic ship and slowly work their way towards obtaining new, sometimes fantastic means of transportation like the submarine of Jules Verne.
Fight with others for dominance and train your squad to get powerful weapons and useful skills.
Its lore blends well with World of Warcraft and of course the title is well-polished like most Blizzard titles are, featuring great graphics, an easy-to-use interface and unique sounds for each card. Adopt a human and help it through the ages of mankind, from hunting mammoths to the modern age. Choose from four races, establish your city, train troops and research new technologies to establish your rule in the game world.
For the newbie, the lengthy tutorial does a thorough job of introducing the core gameplay systems. It's a decently polished empire builder, though, and it's still going strong 10 years after it launched. Players have to build production structures, upgrade their outposts, train troops and recruit heroes to conquer new areas, build alliances and fight both player and computer enemies (mobs). Players build their own islands, create quests and explore other players’ islands as well as complete quests for XP and resources.

Angels Online now has its very own official website, while the development team is now letting fans in on some of the game's main features. These special robots can not only benefit their collection, but also can help them to fight against loathsome monsters. A guild which owns a totem is the host of a corresponding territory, and can monopolize the resources there. During battle, their pets can not only help them to fight against monsters, but also can level up and become more and more powerful.
The game still needs a solid launch date, but by the looks of it (take a look below), development is coming along, so expect an early 2008 release. Dominator Battle becomes progressively harder, and once PvP opens at level 11 there are heaps of fun to be had trying to breach other players’ cities.
You act as the commander in an effort to join with with other players to overthrow the powers of evil. A fun approach for those who want to put in a little strategic thought every day to wage vast wars that can last months. Quests are completely botched as you have to provide screenshots to the admins to turn in quests. The game’s lore is not only well-detailed, but engrossing, clever, and ridiculous at times.
Aside from a fire station, you can build police stations, ambulance services, technical help services and hospitals. Although combat cannot be controlled, players have to prepare troops for deployment and manage their generals wisely. The player gets to assume the role of a single family and build up its mansion and estates, join a crew of other players, raid rival gangs and fight for influence in NYC. The game boasts vibrant and colorful graphics, but the user interface can become quite unresponsive when there are lots of things on the screen. The main activity in Grand Voyage is buying goods at one port and selling them off at another, which brings about much fun due to the game’s monetary system, resembling that of real markets. City improvements take time to build, so you can log in to place your orders and they'll be carried out while you're offline. Players compete with the AI and real enemies with their deck of cards, striving to acquire better ones and build their deck. The gameplay is simple yet allows for all sorts of tactics and mind games--it’s definitely a lot more exciting than that of most similar titles. The developers place a special emphasis on gameplay depth, by providing over 290 research options, detailed diplomacy, and tournaments that keep the game fun. Practically, like in most empire building games, that means improving your province's infrastructure over time, all for the sake of building up your military.
Graphically, there's not much to look at, but the visuals definitely have a medieval atmosphere to them. Although the game doesn’t offer much originality, it is the sci-fi setting that has its appeal. In addition, there are hundreds of thousands of items and weapons, and a complete Paper Moppet System, so players have tons of things to do in game. Those players who have good performance during a battle will be offered various equipment and awarded all kinds of titles, which will give players a strong sense of achievement.
Additionally, players can play some mini-games in Angels Online such as 5 in a Row!, Bingo and Sikitcha when they are tired of killing monsters. Hit the official website for the storyline and other colorful details about this intriguing fantasy role playing game. To the game’s credit, heroes are controllable and you can create an army that follows the hero as well. The game world is sizable and saturated, but the basics are easy to grasp if you've played similar games before.
Plentiful customization options are available in this game: aside from choosing the race and look of your character, the stat point system allows you to direct your empire towards trade, conquest, reconnaissance, etc. The player is given a fresh, non-developed colony on the planet, and has to build buildings, gather resources, form alliances with other players or engage them in combat when their army is big enough. Graphics are well-detailed and together with the advisers fit in with the player’s current era. The game is pretty interesting in the beginning, mostly because the story unfolds quite masterfully. The player becomes a noble and swears fealty to one of the four houses from the book, and, my, the game lore is well developed indeed, with Tyrion Lannister being of course the wittiest advisor there is.
The game is stylish -- from the background music to the game’s cutscenes and city visuals, the game looks and feels awesome. Golden Age is an interesting crossover between RPG and strategy, featuring elements of both.
It’s pretty generic so far as MMO strategies go, but multiplayer features are where Goodgame Empire stands out.
HearthStone has an arena mode where players compete for cards and gold in a streak until three losses.

Along with player-driven trading, the game also introduces military strategy to a degree scarcely present in other MMORTS games – for example, terrain and troop types actually influence strategy in Illyriad. To fully participate in global warfare and politics, the game encourages you to join player-run alliances. Although created by a single developer, Island Forge is richly detailed, with ambitious expansion plans in the works. Additionally, players can upgrade their totem to make it more powerful, so obtaining a totem will mean a lot to a guild. Even though other areas, like graphics and sound, lack polish, the battles, including those played against the computer, are immensely fun and exciting. DoA focuses on acquiring and controlling resources, and one of the main means of gaining them is through plunder. Card lanes are not uncommon in these games – however, special event cards and resource management add greatly to making the game more complex and interesting. Netcode bugs sometimes leave you stranded a hundred squares from where you want to be, etc. There are a number of factions, all of which have unique card decks and racial strengths and weaknesses. The graphics are stellar and, along with game content, have been updated regularly since Eve’s 2003 release. Players can also raid rebel forces (monsters) on the planet and complete quests to gain resources faster. The turn-based combat system reminds one of Heroes of Might and Magic, which is a good thing here.
Mid-game is dedicated to finding a good alliance and learning PvP, but in the late game players inadvertently find themselves without much to do. However, as your team gets better, you’ll have to battle neighboring league teams in the playoffs in order to reach a higher league.
There’s always something to do in Godfather, as quests (jobs) and social opportunities are plentiful. The strategy part involves your village, which you upgrade to gain resources, populate and nurture in a variety of ways. Forming alliances, declaring wars and gaining honor by attacking other players are the best things about this game. Legendary cards are hard to come by, and although these can be a game-changer, acquiring them is much more difficult than buying $20 worth of card packs.
The game's graphics aren't cutting edge, but sometimes you can witness true beauty hidden in its isometric tiles and especially in the creative and sometimes bizarre player-made quests. Complex battle mechanics will leave you puzzled after losing a battle but happy once you’ve invested the time in understanding them.
There are lots of unit types (infantry, vehicles, air, defensive, offensive, etc.) and the game is a challenge for anyone who enjoys military strategy. Furthermore, players can abstain from spending real money on the game altogether: it does punish you for that in the endgame, but playing can be quite enjoyable for non-paying members as well. PvP gameplay is exciting, plus, as DoC boasts a huge player pool, finding an opponent is easy.
Players get by with piracy, manufacturing, exploration, combat, and more -- to each his own. The game does have a "pay up" attitude, as its paid features are presented to the player somewhat aggressively. Defending armies can’t be controlled so PvP basically becomes an army pitch with only the attacker being able to play smart.
GoalUnited’s details will keep you busy for weeks, as you can tweak every possible setting, player placement, etc. Golden Age’s RPG features include quests, leveling up, learning skills, acquiring items, and so on. GV has some fun stuff for a casual title, but unless the topic really interests you there are better games to play. On the flip side, Empire Universe 3 doesn’t require a huge daily time investment, and, as the game is largely text-based, you can become the grand schemer you always were destined to be, finding your way to victory through sheer brain power.
Eve Online has all the trappings of a typical MMORPG, but it's also much more -- it’s actually one of the richest online gaming experiences nowadays. The game is very promising at the early levels, but as the players progress it becomes clear that you have to pay to achieve something. Plus, as in many such games, there’s the problem with building times that slowly become unbearably long.
The game can, however, get somewhat slow for those who don’t purchase additional features.

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