Painting license plates in california

Minnesota motorists can help researchers understand the reason behind declining population of the Minnesota moose by simply buying a license plate. A new critical habitat license plate featuring moose art by renowned wildlife artist Les Kouba is available for purchase to support moose and conservation research. A painting by Les Kouba is displayed by the new moose plate, which is the eighth critical habitat plate offered by the state.
The critical habitat license plate program was kicked off in 1950, intended to encourage Minnesotans to contribute towards conservation.

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A minimum annual contribution of 30 dollars is being made by motorists each year through purchases of a specialty plate. The loon, pheasant, chickadee, showy lady's slipper, a fishing scene and white-tailed deer are displayed by other plates. Nothing captures the essence of being up north better than a bull moose feeding in the shallows of a boreal lake, and that's exactly what this new license plate depicts", said Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Commissioner Tom Landwehr.

According to the DNR, more than $25 million have been raised through sales of critical habitat license plates. This amount has helped in purchase of 7,700 acres of critical habitat and has facilitated non-game wildlife research and surveys, habitat enhancement and educational programs.

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