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Ancient Vedic Sanskrit text show how palmistry was initially used by ascetic monks who believed that hand signs unveal the future of the individual. How to set up Skype for free so that you can enjoy an online palm reading – or just video chat with your friends.
If you like you can spend a minute or two phoning some friends via Skype before our reading, just to get over the mental hurdle. Now Click Here to find out how to schedule your palm reading so that we can Meet Up online.
Palmistry is practiced all over the world, and it is known to has its roots in Indian astrology and Roma fortune-telling.
There are many online palmistry reading sources available which present offerings for learning palmistry online. However, palm reading is a craft which takes efforts & experience that can not transfered easily without getting an experienced hand reading master (or guru) involved.
Most online palmistry websites tend to focus on the hand lines only; however, the basic principles of Multi-Perspective Palm reading suggest that one can not destilate much (anything specific at all) from the palmar lines. Nevertheless, some palm reading website do offer services where multiple perspectives of the hand get involved. Anyway, despite that an experiend palm reader should be prefered by principle - some websites offer hand readings online & palmistry online readings that are at least entertaining for sure.
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Palmistry - Free online Palm Reading , Palmistry, Chirology, Chiromancy, Fate lines in your hand.
Hand Reading Forum: palm reading & palmistry forum: psychodiagnostic chirology, life purpose hand analysis, vedic palmistry & multi-perspective palm reading! Free online palmistry guide and course: The science of palm reading and hand analysis using palmistry diagrams, lines and hand charts. Looking for an expert palmistry reading, hand analysis or palm reading classes & and hand analysis training? The classic association between the length of the life line and longevity finds it's origins in Hindu palmistry: the Indians call the line of life the pithru or gotha rekha. First of all, it is important to notice that many palm readers & hand analysts today make statements which debunk the classic theory which suggests that longevity can be read from the length of the life line. In the fields of palm reading & palmistry six lines are recognized to represent the major palmar lines (or palm creases), and the life line represents one of them. Much has been written about the life line; however, even the start- and end points have been disputed. The picture below describes some classic life line variations taken from the palm reading & palmistry literature. While processing the info presented above, please be aware that many concepts & theories for the 'life line' have been proposed inside the palm reading & palmistry literature. According Multi-Perspective Palm Reading it is likely unrealistic to expect that a reliable assessment for anything at all can be made with just a single feature of the hand: other perspectives of the hand really need to get involved as well!
The objective of hand reading is usually to evaluate a person's character or future by studying the palm of their hand.

Therefore most online palm reading websites basically at best can only serve to learn only some of the basic principles.
Explore the options for a palmistry reading online yourself with the options presented below! However, scientific studies have indicated that the link between the lenght of the line of life and longivity is rather weak. And even in the palmistry literature reports have been made regarding the fact that many people who die young often happen to have a long life line, and short life lines have been noticed among those who died at high age. Bali, 1994) describes how the palmar lines & palmisty have been perceived to represent synonymous relationship and how the stigma of fortune-telling has debarred the hand lines from scientific courts. However, in the scientific perspective only the first four are recognized to represent 'primary creases' because of their embryonic nature + their pre-ordained shape and position.
Generally, the starting point of the life line is perceived to be found at it's radial termination (between the thumb and the index finger). Unfortunately few of these concepts have been widely adopted, and far most of them have never been tested independently! Individual hand sign do not provide much sensitivity to anything at all; instead, it takes multiple hand signs to make an accurate assessment for any specific theme. If you're an aspiring hand reading student or you're just looking for a fun experience (maybe impress your friends), you can actually learn to gain insight just by using an online palmreading tutor! This is also confirmed by embryologic studies which have pointed out that the life line (= thenar crease) starts developing in the 7th week of pregnancy above the upper thenar; later the line usually progresses into the palm curving around the mount of venus (= thenar eminence).
However, palm readers themselves also have to deal with psychological mechanisms, such as the phenomenon called 'apophenia' (which relates to the experience of seeing patterns in random or meaningless data).

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