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Speaking of details, every detail needs to be examined in the context of the whole and all other details at the same time. This entry was posted in character, feeling, Hand Analysis, Hand Reading, intuition, Metaphysics, Mythology, Palmistry, Philosophy, practicality, Psychology, Self-help, thinking and tagged character, emotion, feeling, hand analysis, hand reading, metaphysics, mythology, palmistry, philosophy, psychology, self-help, thinking by markseltman. In order to understand basic palm reading techniques we need to understand that nerves run from the brain towards the extremities of the body – the feet and hands. What we do & think, what we did and thought, what we want, and how we behave is reflected through our nerves and shown on our hands (and feet).
The palm reading diagram below refers to this process and shows the nerves running from our left and right hand sides of the brain to the hands and feet. It is not only the lines on our hands that are the recipients of our thoughts but also: the structure, flexibility, suppleness, colour, shape and texture of our hands.
Reflexology and palmistry are sciences that recognize these facts and can then be used to our advantage to help us. The basic palm reading hand chart below shows the 4 main corporeal zones reflected on the hand: the head, chest, abdomen and pelvic area.
The theory behind and practice of Palm reading extends back to at least 3000BC in China, many millenia before these studies reached the European shores. Our basic palmistry course has information about: Palmistry diagram of hand, basic palm reading hand chart. Don't have much to say about "Basic RV Repair and Palmistry" beyond noting how right Abed was when he admitted there wasn't much story here and he became too focused on the Christopher Nolan flashback gimmick of it as a result. Alan Sepinwall has been reviewing television since the mid-'90s, first for Tony Soprano's hometown paper, The Star-Ledger, and now for HitFix.
The danger in interpreting details out of context is in substituting one form of pre-determinism for another by reducing individuality to cookbook formulas. The picture is interesting, but maybe your choice for 3 male hands + 1 female hand is a bit unfortunate – I think you will understand.

I may unconsciously shoot the hand at an angle that subtly changes the way the proportions look and then in hindsight regret it because I cannot get another opportunity to capture that particular set of hands again. In this introduction to basic palm reading we show how the brain, nerves and lines connect in both reflexology and palm reading using the palm reading hand chart. His new book, "The Revolution Was Televised," about the last 15 years of TV drama, is for sale at Amazon.
This is act 1 of this story which means we're going to have an inciting incident?" To your friends or co-workers about their lives? In a future blog entry entitled Palmistry and the Twelve Types, I multiply the four basic types by the three modalities and illustrate twelve specific types.
Harmon, McKenna and company have been having fun with the end of episode tags this season, especially since they no longer have a time limit on episodes, and that thing got to run and run, to the point where it stopped feeling like a redo of the Vince Gilligan tag from last season and became it's own super-weird thing. I feel like it's not JUST done here because, ha, ha, they're characters on a show doing it. They're doing it because (some) real people do this. Practical types with square palms and short fingers are logical, methodical, pragmatic, and make decisions based on objective reality. Instead, I chose four of my favorite clients because of how well their personalities fit the archetypes. Although they’re all pure personality types, some of the hands may appear questionable to those who may try to use them to identify their own type.
Dan Harmon literally starts talking out loud about himself as a fictional character in order to convince himself to take a shower in the morning. Fortunately, now people can go to the link you offered to get more information about recognizing the four basic types.
The good news is that when I get to analyzing each type and telling their stories, I will also be offering plenty of other examples. Thinking types with square palms and long fingers are communicators who have to work hard to stay focused, disciplined, and structured and not spread themselves too thin.

The meaning of any detail can change depending on the question asked and the character of the individual. I’ll also be presenting plenty of other examples of each type over time, along with a corresponding character analysis, so readers will have plenty of opportunity to view different examples. Feeling types with long palms and long fingers have to build trust in order to be comfortable with others. No matter what our circumstances, we still have plenty of free will to exercise our thinking, feelings, and actions. If I have a relationship fight or a friend asks for my advice or I'm trying to pick a place to eat, it is all "false bride" and "atonement with the father" and "magical helper" and "surprise guest star" and "February ratings sweeps events". I know other people like this. When Abed does it, there's a gentle comedy to it but I honestly think it's reaching out to people, like me, who sometimes imagine they're in the middle of a flashback rather than the original event or who flat out refer to any friend moving away as a spinoff.
It seems unrealistic how much most shows avoid meta when LIFE is meta and real people, at least ones I know, are at least playfully open to the idea that we're fictional characters being portrayed by actors or in a novel or a comic book. I can only imagine that this exchange we're having right now would be character subtext or backstory since it would never make it on screen -- unless it was done with voiceovers. Still, typing is usually visually boring so it's probably a combination of long shots of us typing, close-ups on blinking cursors, and cutaways to montages of what we're talking about. In my case, I guess that would be cutaways of me and my friends talking about ourselves as fictional characters. I guess this scene would be hard to film so it would probably be handled as character subtext where I walk into a room and tell someone else how *I* think it's normal and refreshing for characters to break the fourth wall and this guy I was talking to online doesn't.
Cue a similar scene for you where, I assume, there's a scene of you expressing disbelief that somebody plays with the idea that they're a fictional character and you discuss whether you think Dan Harmon really does that. I assume in your version, you probably indicate how annoying you think that would be since you're clearly NOT a fan of it.

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