Palmistry fingers and planets

A nail is a horn-like envelope covering the dorsal aspect of the terminal phalanges of fingers and toes in humans, most non-human primates, and a few other mammals. Healthcare and pre-hospital-care providers (EMTs or paramedics) often use the fingernail beds as a cursory indicator of distal tissue perfusion of individuals that may be dehydrated or in shock. Nail growth record can show the history of recent health and physiological imbalances, and has been used as a diagnostic tool since ancient times. Discoloration, thinning, thickening, brittleness, splitting, grooves, Mees' lines, small white spots, receded lunula, clubbing (convex), flatness, spooning (concave) can indicate illness in other areas of the body, nutrient deficiencies, drug reaction or poisoning, or merely local injury. Conic or oval nails seem to be the most common configuration and reveal artistic creativity but sometimes impractical nature. Spatulate signal creativity, love of metaphysics and the unique, work-a-holic tendencies, and ironic sense of humor.
Not only the lines on the palms of your hands, but the colour of the skin, the shape of the hands, the texture of the skin, the size of fingers and thumb correspond to certain aspects of your personality, your make-up, the who you are. Not particularly a method of fortune-telling, it is more of a personality assessment, the state of you.
Palm Reading can give you a clear understanding of your innermost attributes, your subconscious fears and blockages, your strengths, your weaknesses, your health. I'll create another topic at another time on the finger tip shapes, the finger prints and on dermatographic prints generally.
Basically use this thread if you want to ask about anything about your own fingers or their setting. So first off it's worth knowing that a lot of palmistry takes its notation from astrology, so the fingers are named accordingly after the planets the more readily resonate with those fingers. I'll briefly mention what a ring on a finger means when dealing with each finger individually but basically see it as someone lacking in some fundamental way about what that finger does and so are looking for external ways to support them. The average length of a mercury finger is one that when the fingers are held together, it comes to the base of the apollo finger's first phalange. When short there can be a lack of subtlety with communication and picking up on signals from people. Longer fingered mercury people are articulate and have good reasoning ability (look to the head line too tho), they are likely to use and understand the more subtle uses in communication.
A ring here would show that the person is lacking in something here, or feels the need for support. A ring here can show a need for 'security' with regards sexuality and it has been remarked that members of the gay community may often also have a ring on this finger - it supports their sexuality and their (possibly inhibited) sexual expression. Most people that wear a ring here though are just feeling like they're not being understood or that they don't understand, or are struggling with financial difficulties or a difficulty in a sexual relationship. Forgot to metion that a low set mercury finger often coincides with a weak father figure, normally the father was either phsyically or emotionally absent. The low set mercury would indicate to us that this person's father was either emotionally or physically absent which is exactly the case.
Each individual finger is named after different planets, I understand the background of astrology somewhat, where do you find broad desriptions of each finger in a planet? I observed and concluded that my Mercury Finger on my left hand is below the top phalange, and on on my right hand, it's parallel to section of the top phalange.
As well, my phalanges are somewhat puffy and heavy, this must mean that I fit the category of being a great cook, lover of comforting things and being sensual.
I've measured both of your prints in photoshop and both of them reach to roughly half way up the top of the upper phalange of apollo so we can say that on BOTH your hands, you have a long mercury finger. Which is very common and the good rule of thumb in palmistry (horrible pun, ignore it) is to ignore the average. On another level it can often show shrewdness with money, but other factors should support it. Whenever a finger bends toward another, it shows that the fingers have extra 'gravity' and pulls in the others.
Actually just checking your pics and I wouldn't say that your phalanges are particularly heavy, reason being that I meant to suggest that they are heavier than the other phalanges.
I re-read your description of long Mercury Finger people, I take up a lot of the characteristics and I like it!
You also don't need any special technology or tables or anything like that to do it, you just look at the person's hand.
Anyways, it is an interesting twist to Palmistry, the length of fingers will group you more likely into being in a different category from another. You shouldn't forget indications on the fingernails and even fingerprints, though you might want to cover prints when you get to Mounts. It's harder to describe fingerprints, but I'm sure a quick Google of the names of the different types would turn up pictures if anyone was curious enough.
So long ring fingered people are more likely to want to impress the 'crowd', whoever they may be.
Shorter ring fingered people on the other hand have less desire to be thrust into a spotlight and less need or desire to be creative or pursue the 'reality tv' style attention or fame that others seem to crave. It's worth noting though in a woman's hand we'd expect the ring finger to be slightly shorter or roughly the same length. Rings on a ring finger can be basially ignored, unless there is more than one or the ring is particularly large.
Less common is where the apollo finger curves toward mercury, which offers the mercury finger more unique or unusual mannerisms, greater creative communication and, particuarly if mercury curves to meet apollo, great creative and artistic eloquence. Well, it's all a matter of measuring the back of the fingers from the Saturn knuckle to fingertip and the palm from base to finger crease.
Bare in mind though that as a man, you would EXPECT the apollo finger to be equal or longer than the jupiter finger. What I'd expect from what you're saying is that you hold saturn and apollo closely together which has an inhibiting effect upon the apollo finger.
I might not seem easy or great right now, generally you'll likely feel that you are creative and consider yourself as such but feel that you can't achieve that creativity because [insert excuse here] likely to be something like perhaps because you need to have a job or because you don't have time or because you didn't learn it growing up, or you have nobody to develop the skills or you can't afford to learn it properly. The saturn finger is the middle finger, the one we stick up when we want to say 'screw you and your rules and your attempts to make me conform'. The phalanges of each of the fingers could and perhaps should be examined on each finger, but in my view particularly so on the saturn finger. This pinched in base phalange on the saturn finger, regardless of hand type but less so on earth hands, often creates a gap between the fingers that you can see through and this is often very common on someone who just can't hold onto their money very well, it slips through their fingers.
In general, if you're a strong saturn fingered person you are likely to be content or even happy to conform to societal norms.
The interesting thing here is that often the short fingered saturn person acts like a very long fingered person. A short saturn finger is generally someone who shuns too much responsibility and who is less successful with dealing with practical realities and minutaie and organisation. Evenly set fingers are very rare to be seen but whenever such setting is seen it can be safely predicted that such people are one of their and extremely successful people. Uneven setting of fingers and especially the mercury finger if very low show that such people lack confidence.
Setting of the fingers if arch-shaped shows that the person is well balanced and thoughtful. People with long index finger have desire to dominate over others and keen to advance in life. If the middle finger is remarkably long, such people prefer seclusion and remain aloof from others.
A person with small ring finger does not desire for fame and ostentation and does not take any risk. Thick base of the little finger makes a person interested in material and sensual world and person prefers an easy and comfortable life. Thumb represents the whole hand and utmost importance is given to it in identifying a person. A long thumb is a good indication in a hand because it makes a person capable of taking good decisions but very long thumb is not considered good.
A person with waist-type thumb has less physical power, but in arguments they are powerful.
A high set thumb indicates about meanness in money matters whereas low set thumb denotes generosity. Conical fingers denote sensitivity and such people take care of their looks and appearance more. People with spatulate fingers are realist, adventurers, travellers and prefer outdoor life. A person with straight fingers is considered honest, diligent, energetic and judicious by nature. Deep transverse grooves known as Beau's lines may form across the nails (not along the nail from cuticle to tip) and are usually a natural consequence of aging, though they may result from disease. Nails can also become thickened, loosened, infected with fungus or degenerate; for further information see nail diseases. Again, I'll point out that I'm no expert on Palmistry so I'm just offering what I've currently learned on the subject. Don't let this put you off if you're not familiar with astrology, it's just a naming convention. It deals with our communicative ability as well as our ability to 'express' ourselves generally.
Longer than that and it is a long mercury finger, shorter than that and it is a short mercury finger.
They may feel like they are misunderstood often or find difficultly in expressing themselves or making themselves heard or understood. At first glance the mercury finger appears to be of average length, however when we take into consideration the low set mercury we realise that the mercury finger actually comes to about halfway through the top phalange of the apollo finger, making it a pretty long mercury finger.
I think that is amazing how scientists developed these facts, what a fun study that must have been. Really an average length mercury finger is one that reaches just past the bottom phalange of the apollo finger. However they do LOOK lower because of the low setting of the finger, that's why it's very important to take the low set mercury into consideration and not just go by appearance. A bend or curve of the mercury finger shows a kind of 'quirk' in the behaviour of the mercurial quality.
It also shows a 'quirk' in the person's sexual expression, whatever way you want to take that.
In some ways the 'quirk' in the sexual expression could well be for attraction to the same sex. If the other fingers curve away from the thumb toward the mercury finger it could show that the person feels like they are less in control of their own actions (because its away from the thumb, rather than toward mercury) or it could be that sexual expression and financial matters as well as emotional expression are terribly important to her and kind of 'subsume' her in life. All your phalanges are pretty equal in 'puffiness', and you've somewhat 'heavy' hands anyway. This is all interesting information to be learning, and I am glad that you're willing to be a teacher. The curve of fingers away from the thumb can show someone quite inhibited or in their own world. Generally long mercury fingered people, or people with curved mercury fingers can be good at diplomacy and sales, as well as with theft and lies. There's already LOADS of connections found between palmar 'prints' and Down Syndrome for example.
When people attempt to flatter me with words or fancy this and that, I go about using my 6th sense instict feeler.

Wasn't meant to be, in reality you open a palmistry book (I have many) and they say that a long mercury finger shows you're highly intelligent. Fingernails can indicate health issues, recent problem, and the overall temperament of the individual.
I don't disagree with this, but I think it is better to be thinking along the lines of the 'show off' finger as well. Because of its masculine connection it very often demonstrates our need to compete and to shine and, importantly, to outshine others. Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame and that want for that fame is a ring finger quality.
If you imagine that you pushed the middle finger back a bit and then rested a ruler on top of the apollo and jupiter fingers then you can tell which of the two is the longer. They want recogition for their skills and abilities (I call this the 'leo syndrome'), where they feel they have special gifts or talents and want others to pay attention and acknowledge or even praise them.
The key here is that a short ring fingered person means that the jupiter finger is long, cos it's against that finger that you measure it. We can assume then that the person may be feeling overlooked by their friends or peers, perhaps they are working on a creative venture.
However I have also noticed that a short fingered person is more prone to aqueisce their baser nature than longer fingered people. It's also worth noting something I haven't actually mentioned here, the way in which you hold your hand. If mercury is held apart from the others, there is a need to have breathing room in relationships and not to be too tightly bound.
These are all saturn related reasons why you may feel like you can't develop that artistry, or whatever it is that apollo is doing for you.
And that's what saturn is all about, boundaries, authority, conformity, orthodoxy, tradition, structure, stricture, convention and stabilty. In my view, on the left hand it is more readily indicative of attachments to family, tradition and the attachments to home and emotional and material stability and also authority. This fits with the character of someone who uses their money to pursue their real interests as said above.
You may belong to a traditional organisation such as a long standing church like catholicism or islam. Traditionaly the long fingered Saturn person is someone who has respect for tradition and may be academic or scientific, or at least they like things to be more 'black and white'. They may get stressed easily and be the sort to keep losing their car keys because they are generally less systematic in their approach. We wear them when we need to 'knuckle down' or when we need to pay more attention or complete a project or save up for that new car or perform better at work or whatever it is.
Either apollo is sucking in saturn and so saturn things are sacrificed or distorted by apollo, or its that saturn is stifling the creativity of apollo.
This ring indicates about a person’s desire for name and fame and it makes a person a leader or head of the organization.
Such people are able to express themselves very well and they put forth their point of contention well. A thumb if straight makes a person tough, rigid, determined, reliable but such people have no friends due to their rigidity. They value work and have good command over many subjects and have in depth knowledge over the matter. Fingernails and toenails are made of a tough protein called keratin, as are animals' hooves and horns.
Of course if you do know something about astrology then you might find that its easier to figure out what each finger means, but be warned, there are deviations from what we would use in modern astrology.
There may be insecurity with sexuality or sexual ability and picking up on 'flirtatious signals'.
They are likely to have a broader vocabulary base as well as greater sexual expression and good financial skill and organisational ability (though the saturn finger would tell you more about this).
You have to be tough and shrewd to get to the top and a good thick ring here, preferably expensive, will give that confidence boost and strengthen their good business sense. We'd expect this person to be a good orator and good with language and communication generally.
Also, I noticed that on my right hand, my Mercury Finger has a bit of a bend, going towards my other fingers, which means?
I had a notion regarding the ring on the Mercury Finger, I was told that players or pimps wear big bulky rings on these particuar fingers.
Even if it was up to about a half a cm or so above the phalange it's still in the realm of 'average' (depending on the length of the fingers overall). If on a long fingered mercury person (you) it often shows someone gifted with charm and the ability to 'dress up' communication to be more persuasive.
That being said, I am guilty of a rare presentation of sarcasm when I am on the defense of something.
When I wore rings on my left Apollo Finger, I would wear a ring piece that would resemble an engagement ring, so that men wouldn't persue me. So it's normal and average to have an average length mercury finger, for example, so we can just ignore it when we see it on the hand. Physicians would have looked at your hands and nails almost immediately when checking for symptoms and insights into health. Good or bad perceptions can be supported in two entirely serperate directions, optimistic verse pesimistic people will have contrasting outlooks. I don't necessarily think that's true so I'm trying to focus on it more abstractly and may have put more emphasis on the potential negatives. The most common type is the arch and this is also usually the same sign by which to find the placement of Mounts. It is very much a masculine finger in that it is considerably more often found long on the hands of men and shorter on the hands of women. However it is also creative and can indicate passions for the arts or the media (tho media would also be mercury). What kind of an artist or performer you are will depend on other factors including but not limited to the hand shape and skin texture.
If the apollo finger is longer, then it is a long apollo finger, if they are the same then this is normal. I don't have much experience with people who wear multiple rings on this finger alone to tell for sure.
Family members, commitments, work responsibilities etc are all things which are stifling or 'controlling' or modifying the creative outlook. I don't often make strong statemtns like that but I've seen it time and time again and have yet to read it in any books. However, the apollo finger long makes the jupiter finger short and the jupiter finger deals with inner confidence. Therefore we can assume the apollo talents you have are more suited for a private audience.
A strong saturn finger on the left hand may show extra responsibilities in the childhood, or a growing up too early or entering the work force early or looking after a parent kind of quality.
Unless other things contradict it, this is normally not the hand of a miser or someone who would naturally or easily save money, unless they have a particular goal in mind of course. Not for nothing was the church built upon a 'rock' (upon this rock I build my church) and rocks, if nothing else, are saturnian.
There may however be some melancholy with this long finger as it can stifle some of the creative expression of apollo if saturn is long and apollo is short. They may have revolutionary ideals or be your typical anti-estabilshment type, particularly if Saturn is curved. Whereas society generally doesn't roll its eyes when you reveal to them that you lack that artistic spark, when it comes to saturn things, people DO roll their eyes and let you know about it. Often there is a powerful attachment to family and in a man's hand it could be said that they are more married to their family commitments or to a strong psychic tie to a family member to really have freer personal realtionships. Its length is considered normal if it reached the middle of the first phalange of Middle finger.
The finger is of normal length if it is up to the end of the first phalange of ring finger. A squarish fore part of the thumb makes a person clever in legal matters, a true leader and a realist. The second phalange is the middle area and the bottom phalange or third phalange is the area at the very bottom of the finger, connecting to the palm itself. The fact is that whatever rationality that they use to wear a ring, the point is that they DO wear a ring and wearing a ring is important. Articulacy, wit, sexual expression, debate, convincing others, oratory, a gift of the gab, cleverness and basically our ability to pick up on signals and interpret them accordingly. You need to measure the mercury finger in relation to the length of the apollo as far as the first phalange crease. There may also be insecurity about personal finances and perhaps the person would be wise to be wary about using credit cards etc which may get them into debt. My girlfriend, she has her Saturn and Apollo Finger bending outward, towards the Merury Finger, what does this mean? It's when it's more than about a quarter or third of the way up that it can start to be considered 'long. In older books it is called a 'liars curve' or a mark of someone who is prone to dishonesty. It's not a nice behaviour to portray and I usually conduct myself with more self control, I guess this is a situation where my inhibition factors in thanks to my small finger. Although there was a time where I was engaged, and there was a real ring on the left Sun Finger. Although you mentioned as well that there is line that indicates homosexual behaviour, where is this line located on the palm of the hand? Also, she is the type to have one night stands, so perhaps sexuality is important to her, even if it's a one time hit and quit it type thing. If you take into consideration all the 'average' things, you'd be talking for hours and everything you say would apply to everyone. As always, any indication in one place on the palm can be confirmed and expanded upon by examining other places on the hand that would have similar indications. If you're looking for artistic ability I do think the ring finger will have a lot to say, however the apollo line (I'll do another topic on the minor lines) will also tell you quite a bit about artistic ability as well as other markings on the palm generally. It represents our need to be seen, everything from our dress sense, our particular tastes and our need for attention.
Generally earthy kind of hands with strong ring fingers may well be musicians or crafts people of some kind.
Next time you're watching TV and laughing at the idiots in the opening rounds of X Factor or American Idol, check if you can see their ring fingers when they wave.
Often however a woman who wears a ring on the ring finger (in fact even regardless of which hand) may be compensating for a lack of a partner. It is common on the person who is heaped with responsiblity at an early age (particularly if other palm features support it).
They always mention the critical quality but seldom the more sexual and base side to the nature. Don't think about this but just flop your hands down comfortably on the table on front of you so that you are looking at the backs of your hands. You're less likely to audition for big brother or the x factor, for example, and more likely to hide in your room scribbling some new design or working on a new book.

Compare to the person who has a heavy base phalange on this finger, or a long phalange, who will lots of money in the bank 'just in case', as the desire for material security is so important. Chances are if you are a strong saturn fingered person you vote for the same people your parents voted for or for who you feel you are expected to vote for.
There is often a lack of routine in the short Saturn fingered person and perhaps as a result poor diet (unless of course the base phalange is saying otherwise). Sometimes people wear them going into relationships, my thoughts are that it is to do with having a boundary there or alternatively a show of commitment.
Due to their flexible nature they have more friends but can not be managers of head of any organization as they do not stand to their words. If it goes beyond ninety percent to say 120 percent, the person is more prone to risk and the risk remains uncalculated and rash. When the pressure is released the normal pink color should be restored within a second or two. Being a bit 'simplistic' about it, the base phalanges are more concerned with the material or base things in life wheras the upper phalanges are more concerned with spirituality or creativity, the higher vibrations. First off you could probably just ignore a ring on a ring finger, for obvious reasons, it's most common to wear a ring on this finger.
The reason being that fairly often the mercury finger can be 'recessed' or 'dropped' into the palm where it's lower set than the others. In general a short mercury would show someone who is lacking in the subtleties of communication which might include things like irony or wit or particular types of comedy and rhetoric. Long mercury types are likely to understand where you're coming from, pick up on non-verbal communication, have greater subtlety with expression and are likely to find it easier to explain and be understood.
As always, it's hard to tell for sure without seeing the whole hand, it's like talking about one astrological aspect without seeing the whole chart.
When she was in a long term relationship, it was verry important to her as well, she is a taurus like me too, makes sense overall. Instead take the things that are more individual and discuss them instead, so the things that are different, that stand out, that aren't average.
It depends on how you view it, there are no 'good' or 'bad' things, just different things that may be perceived as good or bad depending on our outlook. Not every personality quirk is going to hold true even if the nails are all exactly as described. I do think the apollo finger has a lot to say, just not as much as traditional palmistry books might say.
Fire handed people could well be more graphically creative such as photography or graphic design. A shorter, even by a few millimeters, apollo finger on a man is more note worthy than a slightly shorter apollo finger on a woman. I'd bet money that the majority have long ring fingers, they THINK they're great, they think they're special, they very often are. Because of that, the meaning of a short fingered apollo is the same for a long fingered Jupiter, so I'll post about it when I'm posting about a long jupiter finger, otherwise I'll literally be repeating myself. If the Saturn finger curves to meet it, this is particularly true, perhaps someone who lives at home past the time to leave the nest or a parent who is quite dominant for good or bad in the person's psyche. Often the show biz types have poor self confidence, with a short jupiter there could well be this lack of confidence in yourself. The curve between apollo and saturn is like saying "you don't really think this is good enough do you? But one does not wake up as an architect or scribble a quick drawing and voila you have a fully designed house.
There will always be a rainy day and a strong saturn fingered person generally, and a strong basal phalange particularly, will have the money in the bank to deal with it. You conform and find your niche in abiding by authority and perhaps enforcing it either as a manager (as opposed to leader) or that admin person who reminds everyone to fill in their timesheets (time is also saturn ruled). Perhaps they have ties to large corporations or old organisations like churches, banks, the government or the military or police. They may also be someone who doesn't quite know where to draw the line, where the boundaries are, or how to respect other peoples. As a result we have our weakness in this area shoved in the face all the time and so many many short fingered persons become extra rigid or join an organisation or company who are much more structured and disciplined than they are. A person with small little finger can not speak out his mind and suffers from an inferiority complex. Delayed return to pink color can be an indicator of certain shock states such as hypovolemia.
Big puffy and heavy base phalanges are going to be more sensual, lovers of creature comforts, may be good cooks and like living 'the good life' for example. However the mercury finger also deals with our financial skills as well as our sexual expression. So it may look short but that's only because the finger is lower set, it might actually be long but just look short. So someone who can flatter and be charming and use oratory and skill in language and diplomacy to manipulate and get their way. I have one ring that I would only wear on my left hand index finger, occasionally to match an outfit. A longer or shorter finger is outside the average, a ring on the ring finger is not outside the average. Most likely there will be several nail types and whatever their indicators should be correlated with the finger, the mouth, and other indications on the palm.
Consider the stereotypical adolescent boy who has all these raging hormones is lashing out at people and is struggling to maintain their own routine and structure.
Long finger also denotes about risk taking habits such as gambling or speculative tendencies of a person. First phalange should be shorter than the second phalange because will power must be less than the logic. People with thin tapered or waisted base phalanges may be not overly concerned with material things and often will have gaps between each finger when pressed together.
Now trade is actually a mercurial quality in astrology however it wouldn't be one of the first things that you would mention about it, however in palmistry the little finger DOES have a lot to say about financial ability and skill. It can be used for good or for bad, I don't believe we can tell from the hands alone, we just know that the skill and aptitude for it is there. It is also a quite competitive and perhaps sporty finger which is very often totally overlooked in old palmistry books.
Nothing sexist about it, we're just phsyically different and this physical difference is found in more than just our genitalia!
Next time you're out in town on a Saturday night, look closer at the queue lining up outside the popular clubs. However the plus side to that is that in time (time being a saturn thing) you can learn to really master that creative ability. This is what your fingers are revealing to you and palmistry is the rosetta stone to translate and understand it.
If however the line goes up further than half way, then it means that the saturn finger is short. However there is also a kind of dry sense of humour or a sarcastic one, especially if mercury is curved. Sexual expression is an important form of emotional and intimate expression and communication and so it shouldn't be any surprise that the mercury finger links to sex (even though in astrology mercury is asexual and is not related to sexuality at all). When you're thinking about this finger think of performing, the performance could be anything from singing, dancing, juggling, acting, presenting, telling a great story or whatever else you want to think of.
The girls who are wearing the lowest cut tops and shortest skirts will likely have a noticeable ring finger (even if not longer, perhaps several rings on it).
They do not feel the need to accumulate wealth and are often very generous, or just 'useless with money'. Those things that are related to the finger that the person is wearing their finger on is somehow 'lacking' in the individual or they are insecure or not confident in those matters and so are reinforcing those areas by wearing the ring.
If you know your astrology, you can probably see the connection to Leo, it is after all called the Sun finger. The guys who are showing off their deep chests and rippling biceps will almost certainly have one. Saturn apollo curving is saying, "I'm making you feel impeded, you feel like you have a creative impulse if only you could express it, it's like having a lead weight on your creative expression, however I'm doing it to slow you down, in time you'll realise what every master learns of their art, mastery is in realising that less is more and perfecting the foundations. They are strengthening those qualities, it's like they have scaffolding around the foundations of a house to support structural integrity. However don't get too mixed up here, the Sun in astrology often says a lot about the 'I am' quality in people, and whilst this is true of the ring finger to some extent, it is much more pertinent to the Jupiter finger. It is less that the long ring finger offers greater artistic ability, rather that it offers greater need to show the world that artistic ability or to actually DO something with it.
The bigger or thicker the ring, the bigger the need to have the support and the more in need or support that person is in those areas.
Instead consider the ring finger more like the 'performing arts' kind of finger, maybe a Sun Venus conjunction if you are astrologically inclined. Unfortunately in modern times we all want a quick fix, our ability to be patient and to work hard and master things is incredibly diminished compared to what it once was and so we get a lot of peacock strutting instead of the actual gifts that this long finger placement can offer.
They will either be incapable of 'relaxing' the strict and strident discipline they were taught or they will completely fall apart without it there as a prop. Very often people buy rings during a time that is related to needing that support and take them off when the support is no longer needed.
Not exactly, but I bet those women have strong or long ring fingers - that's what I'm saying. Top sporting people, great race car drivers, gamblers, they should all have longer ring fingers - anything which is competitive and testosterone driven. In the former, they cannot relax the strict discipline as they have no inner sense of it to fall back on, so there is less ability for balance and for internal boundary and authority. On the hands of men a long ring finger is nothing to write home to granny about, it's pretty common. They have not learned themselves when to say yes or no or when to not cross the line or when is okay and when is not okay to do something. On a woman it is less common and it is often not seen on the 'ever so ladylike' kinds of women, it is more found on the women who aren't afraid of getting their hands dirty and on those who are more physically active. Instead they've lead their life with other people telling them that instead - short saturn finger. Ultimately the fact that the ring finger is long indicates that the jupiter finger is not, and therefore a great deal of that shiny personality and in your face perfomance can be a mask for a deeper rooted insecurity. Otherwise they simple collapse without the prop that is holding them up and the short saturn finger reasserts itself just as it did when they were younger only now the need for reponsibility and inner ability to stand strong is even more needed whilst they try to pay for the mortgage and feed the children and before you know it they're drinking or taking drugs or have been sacked. Let's not take away from it though, provided the thumb and other things don't suggest otherwise, the long ring fingered person can MAKE something of themeselves and push themselves to great success. Often, especially on the left hand, it is someone who grew up in a very strict environment, the parents may be staunchly religious or very traditional. As a result there is no 'inner' sense of structure as it is imposed from teh outside and therefore no reason or chance to learn to do this on your own.

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