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When you look at your own palms, you can undeniably see a lot of differences between your palms and your friends' palms. In simple terms, palmistry refers to the study of the hands' shapes and sizes and the study of the lines and creases.
When we look at a palm, we will need to look at it from many perspectives, first we will need to determine the basic shapes of the palm, then the fingers, then the thumb. We will need to study the other features of the palm like the colour, the touch, the fingernails, the feel, the temperature, etc.
In summary, Cheiro learned palmistry directly in India and brought the knowledge with him to the west.
One good thing about palmistry is that it allows you to assess a person's personality in a very short time. The other advantage of palmistry as compared to other form of divination method is that palmistry is easy to learn and easy to apply. When I conduct palm reading for many of my clients, they often asked me to teach them more about palmistry.
Currently there are two levels for my palmistry course, namely, Introduction to palmistry and Intermediate palmistry. Some common terms searched online for palmistry are Marriage lines, Life lines, Head lines, Career lines, Sun lines, Line of Fate, Long Fingers, Short Fingers, Mount of Apollo, Mount of Jupiter, Mount of Saturn, Mount of Mercury, Mount of Venus and Mount of Moon.
The goal of his study was to determine if there is a link between marriage lines (relationship lines) and the frequncy of marriage. Surprisingly, the results of the study indicate that marital frequency is proportional to the numbers of marriage lines! Paode's palm reading marriage line study is based on an American population (N=232), where 76% procent of the studied subjects aged above 65 are being reported to have been married only once in a lifetime. However, the details also report that some people who have only 1 marriage line actually got married up to three times and some people who have 4 marriage lines actually got married only once.
Despite Paode's study confirms a link between marriage lines and the number of marriages that people get involved with, one can also conclude that the link does not work for many (if not most) individuals. Even though relationship lines represent a very popular feature in traditional palmistry (especially in Eastern countries), many palm readers & hand analysts today actually have become aware that these lines often (usually) turn out to be unreliable.
The vertical lines (not to be confused with a 'forking' of a marriage line) that are sometimes seen on top of these lines are in traditional palmistry recognized to represent 'child lines'. The picture below describes some classic variations taken from the palm reading & palmistry literature. While processing the info presented above, please be aware that the term 'marriage line' is sort of outdated because there is no (reliable) link between the amount of lines and the number of marriages that people have during a life time. Multi-Perspective Palm Reading describes that it is likely unrealistic to expect that a reliable assessment for anything at all can be made with just a single feature of the hand - also, other perspectives of the hand need to get involved as well.
The palm reading marriage line is a tiny line that has a huge impact on an individual’s life, and is easy to overlook. The marriage line is located somewhere above the heart line and the base of the little finger. The heart line is the deep line that runs vertically from the same side of the palm as the marriage line. If there is more than one marriage line that reveals that the individual will have more than one marriage. A marriage line that begins, has a break, and continues reveals that the individual will marry, incur some kind of separation, then reunite. If the marriage line curves down and touches the heart line this represents someone that has heartbreak tied to their marriage.
The significance of the line is exclusive to the person and when meeting someone new, take a look at what their palm has to say before even considering saying the words I do. In valleys of Tibet and Mongolia there is a special berry that the locals use and cherish so much that they honor it in special celebrations that last two weeks each year. If the marriage line starts as a single line and in the middle it is splitting like mirror image of ‘ y ‘.
First of all Iwould thanks you to give me this opportunity Then after I have one question in the marraige line I have two lines so can Ihave two wives?

I have on my right hand a marriage line that goes off into three branches on my left hand it has two islands that moves straight down to the life line. I have so called fork in my marriage line and its killing me that my husband has two marriage lines .i need to know that we have a same marriage line in same position but his second line is near to heart line where indicated an early marriage between 15 to 20. Can you please tell me career line, coz i am finding hard to get a job, please help to check my career line. I want my husband back n in my husbands palm ther are also two lines bt 2nd line is nt so clear.. I am very worried, on my left palm I have two parallel lines with several X continue joining them at the end going between my index and middle finger. The sector hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to say how they believe.
I have a marriage line wich is well marked and goes into the hand but at the middle breaks into two lines .
The marriage line is usually cutting the percussion horizontally on the side of the hand between the line of heart and the base of the fourth finger pentrating slightly into the mount of mercury.
In few hands, marriage lines may develop very late (in mid 30s or even later) which indicate late marriage.
Curving upwards : Person could remain single throughout his lifetime or marry only at oldage. In the olden days palmistry was used as a form of divination to tell about the past and future of a person. We will next need to compare the length and shapes of the palm and the fingers with one another. He was commonly consulted by the people of the media (famous movie stars and singers) and that gave a lot of publicity to his abilities. By knowing palmistry, you can quickly and accurately make an assessment on how the personality of that person is and from there, you may also strategise on how you want to deal with this person in the future. At the same time, unlike Face Reading Analysis, there are very few people who will alter their palms for cosmetic reasons.
Raj Paode presented a study that represents probably the most interesting research effort on marriage lines so far.
Because the number of marriage lines can vary between the right- and left hand, Paode only used the hand which displays the highest number of marriage lines and the people (about 5%) who do not have marriage lines were excluded from the study.
In Rajendra Paode's study the majority of people were aged above 65 years (N=126), but the results in that group did not produce much better results compared to the people in age group 30-65 (N=106).
The lines are found at the percussion side of the palm below the pinky finger (between the heart line and the little finger).
A straight long line is generally perceived to indicate a "good relationship", and if the line is very long (beneath the ring or middle finger) it is said to represent a "soul-mate relationship". Additionally, in the lives of many people relationships come and go like a friendship may come and go - so most people appear to have (many) more 'relationships' than the number of marriage lines of both hands summarized! In palm reading terms this means that the marriage line is located at the point of personality. This placement allows the best view of the marriage line that initiates on the outer palm and runs toward the ring finger.
If there is only one line, long, and unbroken this marriage line that reveals that the individual will have one marriage, monogamous, no children. It is well documented that many people in those areas live free of common diseases and for well over a hundred years. And our right side line (in that ‘y’ shape) is leading forward and left side line stops there what this means? And our right side line (in that mirror image of ‘y’ shape) is leading forward and left side line stops there what this means? It’s only gotten deeper in the past year and there are all sorts of fine lines going across, beside and through it. I always thought that if our palm reads a relationship with for example Sanam (and her natures and habits and brakup or whatever) so will her palm even show the same of me? I’ve read both my left and right hand for my marrige life but both are totally different.

I have all sorts of marriage lines and dont see children lines doed this mean ill never have the child i always wanted.
Consequently a second marriage line above it nearly 3-4 mm, bends and join the fork’s lower branch and also an offshoot of second marriage line joins the above line of fork. However the line shoudn’t be too deep or too wide as it indicates a strain in the relationship and a dwindling of affection. Sometimes a second marriage between the two is indicated, or a love affair which takes long time to end up in a matrimonial relation after many seperations. However, in our modern society, that is driven by science and practicality, telling about the past and future can be something that is viewed as too superstitious. He also wrote many books on palmistry and other topics and recorded much of his experiences. A At the same time, you will not need that person to tell you anything about their birth date and time.
Palmistry is one of the most accurate way of getting an updated version of a person's personality. Personally I believe that palmistry is not a topic that you can just spend 30 minutes reading a book and suddenly be an expert in this field. One theory is that lines change during the course of a lifetime and the palm reading marriage line could be read differently at different stages of a person’s life. It extends from the base of my little finger and goes down at an about 45 degree angle towards the base of my thumb near the wrist. On my right I have one deep long line that has no slashes but a hardley visible fork at the end.
In reply to Pegah a union line (marriage line) vertical lines enhance the energy of a dominant line. Thus many palmist or palm reader has turned this form of art into something that is more scientific and also towards reading the human psychology. Logically, when we can foretell the future, we would also be able to tell about the past of a person.
If you are really serious in learning palmistry, then it will be good if you can find the reprints of his books on palmistry.
However, if you were to be able to find the original prints of these books, you will find that they are not too fun to read and some of the words he used are really too complex for the commoners like you and me.
In certain countries, such information are either wrongly recorded or translated wrongly due to the different types of calendar calculations used. Palmistry is some thing that requires time to practice and the more palms you read, the better you become.
Where vertical lines join the heartline and the headline this enhances both and shows that a person is both intuitive and rational. Though there are not many of them, but they are very good books to start with on palmistry. If you really want to go deeper into palmistry, then reading his books will often give you a different perspective on palmistry. The palm would be a very good guide in revealing the personality and tendencies in these cases.
When I conduct my palmistry course, I always try to impart as much of my knowledge to my students as possible. We got married 5 years ago.One year ago he fell in love with a girl and wanted to get divorced but still loved me so much that he wanted to look after me. Then wont the people who are arranging the marriage would either be tampering with others fate? There were things told to me and people i know and some family as well years ago and it was spot on accurate and took place way after and i was simply amazed (leaving aside the quacks you get around who claim to be palmist just to make a quick buck) Career is even based on laziness and an active and ambitions person. But yeat all this is all contradictory , we try all what we want but at the end its all that what is meant to be but trying also counts but where the Universal force lies with its strength , no one and i mean NO ONE cant fight Fate and Nature.

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