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Money On Hand Palmistry – INDIAN PALM READING Money Signs & Lines On Palm In Palmistry there are some yog, signs, mounts and lines in the palm which indicates richness and poverty. Palmistry , information about palmistry – Paralumun How to read palms, the different lines and their meanings, hand shapes, fingers shapes and love in palmistry. Discover How Thousands of Men and Women Worldwide Have Already Used The Reverse Diabetes Today™ System To Completely And Safely Reverse Their Type 2 Diabetes in Three Weeks Or Less! Another question: Does the left hand of a man shoe his own fate or that of his life partner ? The relationship lines on your hands indicate how many serious relationships or marriages YOU will have, not your wife. If you look at your right palm, look to the bottom left hand side (the closest to the wrist) and see if you have any lines shooting horizontally from the external side of the palm towards the center of the palm, then these lines indicates an important overseas trip. Going back to what I call the attachment lines following my life line, I have two lines very close together, they do not cross at any point, but they travel down my palm as if side by side.
The union lines could be an indication of 2 very important relationships that never turned into marriage. This line is very often found in people born with Down Syndrome while it is uncommon in healthy people.
Some famous people with a Simian line include: Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair, Robert De Niro, Bjork and Mahatma Gandhi. I just want to ask if you’re suppose to have the exact same depth and lenght of marriage line as your spouse. I have two marriage lines on my right hand, and they both stop at the same length with a faint line joining them at the end almost like a box shape what does this mean? I have had two other relationships, which never materialized into marriage, although in the second relationship I did want to marry this boy but it didn’t work out, but now i am happily married with my husband from an arranged marriage. I have a broken life line on my left hand means my passive hand and right hand has straight line can any one tell what does it mean?
On my right it goes strong about half way then goes down very light, almost if you cant see it and it curves towards my thumb too but no clean split.
If you life line becomes faint, it only meas that you are doing something that your body doesn’t like, for example smoking, stressing or drinking. It is normal in our daily lives to have a weaker health when we grow older, but nothing you mentioned indicates a illness like cancer.
A split on the line usually indicates a relocation by the way you described it could be in a place nearer to the sea.
The random line is a influential line, maybe a companion that will be with you for a while. Marriage lines on my left hand are like: One close to the heart is longer than the second one and slightly bending toward heart line and the second one has fork and is shorter than the first one. In the right hand I have two marriage lines: the second line is located at the height of the second marriage line in the left hand.
The lines might not be both marriages but rather one an important relationship and the second one another relationship or marriage. If a line run across the hand indicates a marriage, so i believe the relationship you are in at the moment, will soon convert into a successful marriage. Have a look at your passive hand as well to understand if things might get better for you in the future. I am a real worrier when it comes to my palms I have a broken fate line and a cross over break at the end of my head line in my right hand, also quite a big island on both passive and dominant hands and lots of fine lines cover my whole hand, are these worry lines? The first line is short ,the second line started with fork,broke and overlapping .The third one is also short and fourth one again got broke but overlapping with a line below .

The line number 2 and 3 ,both broken and overlaaping lines are thick and of same length higher compared to 1 and 3.
There is a mole above the fourth line i.e inbetween fourth line and little finger and one line from the bottom of the little finger touching the fourth line. I loved a girl at the age 0f 14 which was single side and it lasted for five years and then broke.I loved one more gal in my college at the age of 20 years and she also moved with me closely and now she got married to some other guy at the age of 25 . I had a love marriage at 24 yrs and now i am having serious issues with my spouse due to his infidelity.
The first line closer to the heart line is your current marriage and the cut through is your husband infidelity. The third line I wouldn’t consider it because is to small to be considered a relationship.
The line below it indicates your other past relationship, while the very thin line is not to be considered for now. I’m trying to figure out my marriage lines on my dominant hand I have 2 deep lines and a very faint line in the middle of these. 1) On my right hand, which is dominant, I have one main relationship line, but it’s not very long and it does not touch my heart line. 2) Recently I got a scrape on the mount of luna on both hands (first on the right hand a couple months ago, and now the left hand). Thank you for your appreciation of this website, it is very important to me to know I am helping people. 2) The Mount of Luna indicates your creativity and social behavior, have you being having problems expressing yourself, or have you had an argument with a friend or loved one? Form the pictures I can see a very important relationship (or marriage) that will have a bit of a separation in between but nothing serious. Right hand- I have 3 equally length lines but the middle line is longer than the first and third line. On the other hand, if your thumb is stiff and not bending down, there are no gaps between the fingers then you are calculative in money matters. There are some mounts and lines in the palm which make any one fortunate in financial matters. As an example, we furnish the palm drawing of Queen Victoria who is the first British Queen for India. The back of the hand is coarse and the fingers are short and crude representing unrefined thoughts and actions of the person. When the Venus mount is good, Fate line is clear and Head line is long and it has a hook formation rising at the end [Fig 6], then you will become rich by your own efforts and intelligence. When a line rises from Life line and proceeds towards Saturn mount [Fig 7], it represents sudden gain of wealth or property. When there is a line rising from inside the Venus mount and reaching Saturn mount [Fig 8], it represents wealth from spouse. When there is a line rising from Moon mount and reaching Saturn mount [Fig 9], the person rises in the life with the help of others.
When there is a line rising at the middle of the palm, going to the Saturn mount [Fig 10], the person faces a lot of financial problems till his middle age. When Fate line is curved and going towards Jupiter mount [Fig 11], there will be growth seen in the areas of politics, business and profession. When Fate line curves and goes towards Mercury mount [Fig 12], the person gets tremendous success in his business. When the Fate line divides into three branches at the end and they are proceeding towards Saturn mount, Sun mount and Jupiter mount [Fig 13], it is a sure sign of great wealth, name and fame.

When there is more than one Fate line, it indicates earnings from more than one source [Fig 14]. In some rare cases, we see formation of ‘M’ in the palm due to the combination of Head line, Heart line and Life line. Instead I have several crossing lines that join in the middle of my hand where the head line should be.
From past experience I was led to believe that these lines that run parallel to and follow the life line down the hand are lines of union. When I look at my right hand on my marriage line , I see two lines very parallel to each other.
You haven’t mentioned which one is your strong hand but I would guess the right so, there are most probably to equally strong and equally good relationships in your life. The line connecting the two is outside influence that forced the end of the relationship and the arranging of your actual marriage. One of them seem to be madly in love with me, but I, unfortunately, do not feel the same for him. The top one though deep does not extend far, the bottom one is also deep, but you need to turn my hand to the side to see it. If that is the case, your marriage is the longer line on your palm, the fact that it starts with a split it might indicate that at the beginning of the relationship you might have been a part. If your thumb bends down easily and there are a lot of gaps between each finger, then you are a spendthrift. I believe that I have the end of a head line coming off from these crossed lines from the middle of my palm, dropping downwards toward the outer edge of my palm with a (x) in the middle of the line?? Could you please clear the confusion about the multiple marriage lines on both the hands and any idea when could the marriage take place? I got married at the age of 23 and I am already separated with my husband and decided to divorce. The fact that there is a new mark, it might indicate a sudden change in your way of thinking. In my previous note, i forgot to mention that I recently had a divorce after just four months of marriage. The long history of palmistry.Money Line in your Hand Before choosing a career path, or if contemplating a career change, there are some very helpful indicators no further than the A detailed reading can be given over skype. When I look at my left hand I see one dark line in the middle and two small light lines on each side of the dark line. I have 4 marriage lines, 2 of which are in the middle and very close together…almost touching. Both the marriage lines seem to be somewhere in the mid region of the space between the base of the little finger and the head line.
Please message me if you are genuinely interested in In palmistry is no separate line of wealth. I can’t be sure if the middle line has a very long fork or two separate lines (with the line underneath with a break.) I have had two failed relationships and I am only 28. Moreover there is another clear short line above the main line having little space in between. The secret The psychic hand is the most beautiful and most unfortunate hand among all the seven hands.

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