Palmistry quick & easy

When the line of Health is heavily marked, joining the line of heart and head and not found elsewhere, it indicates mental disturbance. A strong and undisturbed Health line, it gives a strong business sense as well as the strength to work hard to make money.
If there is an extra line that branches out onto the life line, then there may be some sort of life-threatening situation in old age.
The following list is a modified version of a keyword list that was given to me by my palmistry teacher who tailored and shared the list passed on by her teacher.

Small: (lower than middle of 3rd phalange of index finger) weak character, follower, guided by heart, sentimental, impressionable. This entry was posted in character, feeling, fingernails, fingers, Hand Analysis, Hand Reading, health, intuition, Metaphysics, Mythology, Palmistry, Philosophy, practicality, Psychology, Self-help, spirituality, thinking, will power and tagged character, feeling, fingers, hand analysis, hand reading, hands, intuition, metaphysics, palmistry, philosophy, practicality, psychology, self-help, thinking, thumbs, will power by markseltman. If this line is in red color, when it leave the line of heart, with small flat nails, it gives an indication of heart trouble. Keywords are simplistic, intended to be an introduction to the subject, not concrete definitions of human nature.

They’re meant to evoke images, ideas, and feelings that provide insight into our selves and others.

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