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Origami: cranes, frogs, kaleidocycles, robots, There’ origami days folding paper pigeons, penguins, bunny rabbits. Origami instructions learn models , Origami instructions learn origami models site.. Origami creations - origami fun, Many, many people have been wanting to show off their origami creations, so i made this page so you can do just that!

Today’s paper fortune cookie craft is a quick little project that’s perfect for surprising friends or delivering a love note. Then you want to make the top and the bottom of your fold meet as far away from the open end as possible.
After you’ve mastered the folding, you’ll need to add a tiny piece of double sided tape where the two sides meet to make the cookie stay closed (right under where my fingers are in the picture).

I looked online a little and found a few silly and encouraging messages for my coworkers like “Ignore previous fortunes” and “All your hard work will soon pay off.” I also made a couple sweet ones for George.

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