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In the morning the testosterone level was off the scale, everybody was jumping hard onto the loud pedal and making lots of noise. When putting on your pair of sneakers, did you choose them because it defines your character? Katie Price’s has splashed out on a Custom made Pink Range Rover with Personalised Number Plates.
The 33-year old model and reality TV star Katie Price is believed to have splashed out ?100,000 on a luxury Vogue car, so it would match with her fleet of pink vehicles. The ?100,000 Range Rover Vogue has been customised by Project Khan in Bradford, who currently has the number plates F1 on his vehicle.
Katie was also quick to add personalised number plates to her new purchase to delay her love for Leandro. AboutSpeedy Registrations is the market leader in personalised number plates and DVLA registrations. Personalized plates are a lot of fun and they’re also a good way of making a statement when you feel like it. F8FOOL- Probably true from a purely philosophical perspective, but is it what you want to say?

2BERN2B- Suitable for Swiss couples, people trying to pass on freeways and theatrical threats. One of the obvious developments since the global rat race started is that what’s funny in your language can be pure scatology in other languages.
Whatever your taste in plates, and whatever message you want to send the world, make sure that your plate is something you like.
This is the non-competitive part of the day, good time to get into a groove and work out what you will need to do later. The Range Rover features a diamond encrusted clock worth ?25,000, while the wheels, exhaust and pedals have all been changed to aluminium. Obviously we get asked to do all sorts of things to cars but we’ve never been asked to paint one this bright a pink before. We sell number plates from DVLA, our own extensive stock as well as client owned registrations. In German, French and other languages, even abbreviations can mean something, so if you’re travelling, think about the possibilities. Your personalized plate should be a true personal thing, a treasure and fun when you get your car servicing.

If your friends and your mechanic spend a lot of time trying to figure out what your personal plates mean, you’ve got a good set of plates.
The copyright issues would get an army of lawyers retired early, but in practice it’s a grey area. Just be thankful you’re not travelling in Asia or the Middle East, and check for translations, unless you want a lot more attention than you’re used to. In case the name exceeds 7 alphabets, you may send us a mail with your complete requirement and we will send you a computerised design of the name plate along with cost details for your approval. The odd plate like DEATH can give an impression, but hardly gets people guessing, even with ghoul and zombie movies to help. One may choose these Hand crafted Personalised Door Name Signs to decorate their office or work place and give it a unique look.

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