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Orders for Personalized Christmas Stockings placed today by 2 PM will will ship from our shipping department on . Lining: the Christmas stocking is lined on the front inside part to give it even more soft look and feel. Each name is machine embroidered with the first letter in upper case and the remaining letters in lower case. For group orders of 2 or more stockings, we will do our best to adjust the font size of the letters so the monogrammed letters are uniform in size. Please provide the names to be monogrammed on the stockings in the Personalizing box; separate each name with a comma. Vintage coffee signs create an aura of trendy timelessness in your coffee shop, kitchen or breakfast nook.
Personalized vintage-style coffee shop sign, includes your name and location along with two steaming cups of java.

Antique-style vintage coffee signs, personalized for your Coffee Roaster friend or family member with a custom hanging name board. Gaurang's PickThe antique brass finish of this unique Zippo lighter is both classic and appealing. Not only can you add your own customized engravings to this lighter, you can do it for free. For example, if your order has the names Mom, Dad and Christopher, we will embroider the longest name first and then adjust the font size of the shorter names to match the font size of the longest name, otherwise the shorter names will appear to be disproportionately large. Not quite as affordable as the 5 cent cup above, which is why this sign is ranked a bit lower on our *totally official* and **completely exhaustive** list. I really enjoy how at first glance it looks old and tarnished but upon closer inspection it is impeccably crafted. The overly-perky, already-caffeinated, steaming-coffee-cup-wielding 1950’s-retro gal helps reinforce the idea.

This reproduction has the distressed look and feel of the truly authentic vintage coffee signs, made from tin and ready to hang. No matter how much abuse your Zippo suffers simply send it to their repair center and you will receive a fully repaired or brand new Zippo at no cost to you. Finished to look like it's from olden times, the quality and construction is quite the opposite. Made by Zippo in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty, you can be sure that this item is built to last and will serve you well.

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