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British Columbia rancher and fruit-​grower, Hewitt Bostock settled in Canada in 1893 at the age of 29. In 1894, he founded the Province as an anti-Conservative weekly newspaper in Victoria, and four years later he moved to the mainland to re-found the paper as the Vancouver Daily Province; it would grow to have the largest circulation in British Columbia.
In 1925, Bostock was chosen as one of Canada’s three delegates to the Sixth Assembly of the League of Nations in Geneva. We aren't sure if this is an early prototype personalised license plate - as it is utilising the 1979 passenger base with reversed colours?
For what is thought to have been a very brief run of personalised license plates manufactured in the mid-1980s, the mountain graphic at the top of the plate was erroneously reversed. Another odd quirk that appeared in the design of the plates was the use of a lighter shade of blue paint on the slogan.
While we are not quite sure what there is to envy about a trailer floater (unless there was something cool being hauled upon it), we suspect that this plate is a mock-up that was made by someone at Astrographics back in the late 1980s. For those unfamiliar with the hobby of plate collecting, ALPCA is the Automobile License Plate Collector's Association, and it is thought this plate likely belonged to Len Garrison at some point in time. Above is a prototype of the personalised motorcycle license plate manufactured by Astrographic's it is assumed sometime around 2001. We aren't sure how or why ICBC allows this to happen, but there are companies who advertise on the internet reproduction BC plates, including vanities and the above is such an example (displayed on some 1940 car at the 2013 Pacific Northwest Deuce Days in Victoria). In the Fall of 2002, ICBC awarded the contract to produce BC license plates to Waldale Industries of Ammerst, Nova Scotia. Note that on the plate shown at left, the slogan bleeds into the ocean graphic, whereas on the plate shown at right the slogan has been shifted slightly higher in order to improve legibility.
Despite dispatching somewhere around 200-300 personalized slogans a year on the basis that they are objectionable (in the eyes of ICBC), it is very rare for anyone who has been turned down by the Corporation to make much of a stink about it.

CTV News went so far as to produce a paper mock-up of the rejected "DR SEX" slogan for the 'voice on the street' segment of their report!
In media reports, Hersh stated that ICBC was being ridiculous and that "this opinion has to do with morality.
POSTSCRIPT: It would seem proclaiming that you are a Sex Doctor on your license plate in Missouri, while not a slam dunk, can be successful upon appeal! He started up his second paper, the Kamloops Inland Sentinel, in 1896 to support his successful campaign as a Liberal for a seat in the House of Commons.
Or, is it a manufacturers specimen of the actual passenger base - as it displays the alpha-numeric AAA-000 serial? The plate at left (OL-PAPA) displays the error, while the plate at right (IMAGE) shows the standard layout. The plate at left (MURALS) shows the variant, while the plate at right (2 GOOD) shows the more traditional shade of dark blue used by Astrographics between 1985 and 2002. Yes, "RETIRED" is a seven letter word and BC personalised plates only allow for the use of slogans containng no more than 6 and not less than 2 characters! The "4U2NVY" (For you to envy) slogan is pretty cool and worthy of inclusion as a personalised plate - even if it is not valid! While an authentically decalled 1980 personalised plate would be an uber-rare find, it appears that this particular 1980 decal was peeled off of some other plate and applied to this one at a later date.
With this change in manufacturers came an obvious change in the types of dies being used to stamp out the plates. The other chnage realtes to the colour of the slogan and ocean graphic, which are now the same shade of blue as is used on the standard passenger plate.
They talk about reducing drivers' level of attention and care because they see the word 'sex' on a licence plate.

As part of the RFQ for the 2013 license plate contract, ICBC included this nifty little graphic as part of the listing of its current plate types.
He did not run in the general election of 1900, and was nominated for appointment as a senator by Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier in 1904. Either, it is displaying a somewhat cool combination of letters and numbers and was intended to convey a specific slogan. It is our understanding that, once upon a time, these plates were presented by ICBC to retiring employees.
A subtler change, however, can be seen in the placement of characters on the personalised base plate along with the colours used.
And, lo and behold, the plate was approved following an administrative tribunal attended by lawyers on both sides.
The RFQ advised that approximately 2,300 pairs of personalized plates would be required each year.
Given the date of the decal afixed to this plate, it is assumed that this particular employee retired in 1991. Rumour has it this special was prepared for Premier Campbell for use on his personal vehicle.
He also pointed out that "there is a guy here in town who is a dentist and his licence plate is '2TH DOC' - tooth doc.

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