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A video recently emerged showing a 3D render concept of the Microsoft Surface Phone, according to a shamata.tv report.
The recently-emerged video showing a render of the Microsoft Surface Phone hinted at a five-inch Super AMOLED+ screen with a resolution of 1280 by 720 resolution and 326PPI.
The video also hinted at the possibility that the Microsoft Surface Windows Phone 8 may have a mini-touch cover similar to the Microsoft Surface tablet.

Gadgets and technology in general have piqued the interest of Peter ever since time he was young. The video also showed that the supposed device may have a kickstand, 12MP camera with ultra-bright flash, and a full USB 3.0 port.
He brought this love for gadgets and technology into the net as he started to give his own insights about the latest developments in technology through a personal blog that he started a couple of years ago.

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