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Remember now you can find All Area Codes in this Phone number Look up, and get an Instant Phone Number you are looking for. John Lasseter, cofounder of Pixar and now overseer of all animation projects at Disney, is no stranger to the Easter egg world. The number on the summons — 94070 — is the ZIP code for San Carlos, a town about 45 minutes away from Pixar Studios. Pete [Docter, the film's director] and I, when we work on a film, we go almost every week at night (to Merritt Bakery) to sit at the counter and eat cake and talk about the movie. The Hidden City Cafe in Point Richmond, California, is where the ideas for several Pixar movies were born.
The real-life cafe doesn’t exist anymore — it shut its doors after 20 years — but it used to have a little Pixar section, featuring memorabilia from Pixar films. According to ABC News, a bookcase in animator Andrew Gordon’s office is the hidden entrance to the Lucky 7 Lounge.
Over the shoulder of the officer, there’s a piece of paper on the bulletin board that uses 628 as the area code. The 416 area code immediately lets people know you’re from Toronto and right now, according to Metro News, people are willing to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars to nab a number with the area code. In particular, businesses want the 416 area code to ensure they appear established to customers, instead of newer numbers with the 647 and 437 area code.
Georgio Pappas is a 416 phone number broker who searches for creative numbers throughout the city assigned to various wireless carriers. Glen Brown from the Canadian Numbering Association, is in charge of assigning numbers to carriers.
According to Telus spokesperson Chris Gerritsen, “People don’t give up their numbers as often as they used to because of porting,” which means 416 numbers only free up for customers when they have been reassigned. Gerritsen says customers still call and ask to get a 416 number, but he says they are only able to accommodate if one is available, which isn’t very often. After reading all the press last week about this, I decided to list my 416 number for sale on Kijiji. I buy from The Classifieds on The Toronto Star,but to think I would purchase a 416 number from kijiji or Craigs list is nuts! Maybe Georgios of ViP416Numbers can help you sell it,he was very helpful with me, and together over a coffee, we I found a VIP 416 number I fell in love with.

So true,its not just because its a 416 number,but also depends on the person,and how one perceives it.
If anyone is interested I have two for sale 416 9** **** and 416 5** **88 – serious inquiries only. Daniel and I run the i-MarK group,we have purchased over a dozen of numbers,that all end with 1OOO as said in The Toronto Star, can you read? Think what you want,,as I think of you as a fully grown adult that her own kid,let alone family cant stand you,then who can? I am part of the sales team for Georgios,and when I see how you all try to wste time because we praise or mention a website , funny how you react to it.
True is when you look into the yellow pages of Toronto , business such as law firms and so on all have the Original 416 Number that looks good on paper,and ads,cards,and so on. I am selling 416 numbers on Toronto Kijiiji for $50… I have a limited supply right now for $20 (very few).
Do something with your life,maybe take care of your own,or are you so negative, no one cares for you,because you are just another troll. I also tried to get a 416 number,but to start an account it costs a minimum of $25-$40 to start a prepaid,so how do you sell numbers for bellow the cost?
No one in their right mind would buy a number or a cell phone from any buyer on kijiji or craigs list. Please fill out a form below and our sales representative will contact you within 24 hours. Click on the Area Code or region for a list of all Schools Colleges Universities and Institutes Addresses and Phone Numbers.
To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. People who make local calls from landlines in five areas of Britain will have to dial the whole number, including the area code, because parts of the country are running out of telephone numbers. Reserve Phone Check, Instant Phone Number Lookup  Enter a phone number, area code, or city, state and serach. Both of the companies he’s led, particularly Pixar, have included dozens of Easter eggs in their movies.
It opened in 1926, and in 1981 the theater and its gigantic rooftop sign were designated historical landmarks.

Cutting Blvd., in Richmond, which is where Pixar was headquartered before it moved to Emeryville. New phone numbers issued in San Francisco and Marin will use this area code starting in 2015. Once he acquires numbers, he’ll continue to make minimum payments to hold onto the number until he finds buyers, then transfers them over. He notes 416 numbers are no longer being handed out, but there are 2,010,000 647 area code numbers left to be assigned.
I guess it’s the equivalent of having a 604 phone number in Vancouver or 250 in Victoria. To each their own,and for the Mr.Zero Inquires,you not going to sell it in the same week,it is finding the right buyer! You’ll find the 416-920 or 416-364 (I understand these were downtown-based numbers) are probably going to be more in demand.
There is no reason not to buy from any other source, including Kijiji or Craigslist, as long as you take reasonable precautions. I read a article here as well as the Star,and Global, and this story on iPhoneinCanada Com helped me make a decision that was informative.
You are silly,and I also purchased a number only because he had great word of mouth,and was on TV and every paper in the city,so goodluck in life hater! Who the hell are you to pass judgement on someone that figured out a brilliant way to make $$$ not like some people hate Apple I get that,because they make money.
He did some sleuthing and determined that the house was probably somewhere on Sixth Street in Berkeley.
Incredible points out the exact street the crooks are on, and his GPS locks onto a location.
951 area code Also report unwanted calls to help identify the caller from this phone number.
Director Vacant Test Plan - South office area, (951) 680-6870 CODES district offices where the code 951 phone number 951 phone numbers 951-809 are the currency code in Riverside, California.

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