Picking eyebrow pencil color

Forehead is wider than the chin, gracefully tapering from prominent cheekbones to a narrow oval chin. Forehead, cheekbones and jawline are approximately the same width, the face softly tapers to a narrow chin.
The goal of the eyebrow shape here is to make the face appear shorter visually, so the eyebrow is supposed to be almost flat in order to place a horizontal line across the face. In this case it is wise to extend the tails slightly beyond the eye corner, creating an even more west-to-east line. This can be counter-balanced┬áby creating a very high eyebrow arch, which will make the viewer’s eye go up and down the face, thus making it appear longer. The eyebrow shape should follow a straight line to the peak of the high arch and then go down.

While forehead, cheekbones and jawline are about the same width, the most prominent feature is a strong, heavy jaw.
You could either try to balance it with a thick angled brow which will make a defined angle at it’s peak, or try and soften it with a gently curved brow. Shape the brow with a low curved arch, which will lengthen the forehead and balance the pointy chin.
Your tools of choice should be the Clone Stamp tool and the Healing Brush.Next set a brush to paint in the missing hairs. You want a soft brush with Shape Dynamics Size Control set to Pen Pressure and both Flow and Opacity set to 100%.
Try playing with small amount of roundness jitter to make the hairs appear less perfect.Use short brush strokes and start filling up the gaps in the brow on a new empty layer.

If the color of the hairs you have painted in seems off due to picking a wrong shade with the eyedropper, clip a Selective Color adjustment layer to the one you are working on. Apply a small amount of Gaussian Blur to the layer with the new hairs to make them blend in with the rest.

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