Portable battery powered hair dryer

The MetalCell could be extremely useful for home use in areas where a sudden cut of power is likely. A hybrid solar-powered charger featuring a case made from a highly durable magnesium alloy. I think Magnesium is pretty expensive, so yeah, I think the battery is pretty expensive too! An inexpensive way of reusing water from your bath or washing up bowl into the garden for watering the plants. A low energy security light that can be powered by rechargeable batteries, and triggers the 5 bright LEDs when motion is detected. A solar-powered insect killer that will kill most types of flying insect, typically the ones that bite! If you foil an attempted break in or anti-social behaviour, try not to make it personal between these people and yourself, scare them off, call the police, get help etc, don't make it very personal between just you and them !!

The system would be pre-programmed for you before delivery making it viable for installation with seconds, a very flexible, easy to operate Wireless Call System.
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The battery allows you to generate energy for electronics like flashlights or even laptops from saltwater. The battery can be stored away safely for years, as the internal workings will not degrade with age.
The magnesium plates react with the sodium in the salt water (or urine) which creates low voltage current. Due to it’s compact size, a number of batteries can be stored away in even small storage cupboards. This electrochemical reaction can then be used to charge up any equipment, particularly equipment where there’s no immediate power source.

Electronics are known for running out of power when it’s most inconvenient and when there is no chance to recharge them. For the military, where the problem can be life threatening, this battery is meant to be an emergency back up that can run from materials a soldier has to hand (be that saltwater or urine!). The battery will require refills of saltwater or urine to keep charge going, though eventually the magnesium plates would also require replacement.

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