Portable battery powered pa system zimbabwe

The PCMX265B from Pyle Pro is an all-in-one DJ mixer, PA, and digital music player on wheels. Samson XP106 Battery-Powered PA SystemSamson's Expedition XP106 Rechargeable Battery Powered PA is packed with incredible features, including Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in 4-channel mixer. Ensuring pristine, full range sound, the XP106 features a 6" woofer and a 1" high frequency driver. High quality components, versatile features, convenient portability and Samson's commitment to premium sound makes Samson's Expedition XP106 a consummate single system solution for a wide range of public address applications.
It’s perfect for traveling performers because it’s easily transportable, runs on rechargeable batteries that last up to 12 hours, and includes a wealth of handy features. It also comes complete with a wired handheld dynamic microphone for delivering impromptu performances and professional presentations in any environment.

A lightweight, 100-watt Class D amplifier, perfectly matched to its drivers for high efficiency and low current draw, powers the XP106.
In the few weeks prior, I've used it to play music from my mobile device through the mini stereo input. This device is equipped with three sets of input jacks, so you can sing, play guitar, and pipe in music from your digital music player — all at the same time, if you want. Such versatility, combined with clean, crisp audio, makes the XP106 an all-in-one solution for classrooms, conferences, tour groups, parties, as well as a variety of outdoor applications.
The unit's rechargeable battery also increases the system's portability, allowing for up to 20 hours of continuous use wherever great sound is needed.
The system even has a USB Wireless port for integrating Samson's Stage XPD1 USB Digital Wireless System (not included) into the fold and creating a completely wireless audio solution.

Microphone seems quite adequate and as with all PA systems, careful positioning of the speaker and microphone are critical to defeating the awful feedback. There’s more: it’s also equipped with a USB port and SD card slot, so you can pipe in your favorite digital music.
Then, use the built-in DJ controls — including cue, reverse, loop, and pitch control — to bend the music to your will. But if you need a bigger sound, use the ?” output jack to connect this unit to a bigger speaker or mixer.

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