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The Portable Lithium Powerpack is enclosed in a safe & sturdy PeliCase and is ideal for mobile power on the move in any capacity.
The units includes state of the art protective circuits to prevent potential overload, deep discharge, over current as well as other possible short-circuits. Air Travel - The Lithium batteries packs can be transported by air as they are part of an appliance and include the required short circuit protection. Conrad Anderson (Midlands) Ltd, Unit 4 Mainstream Industrial Park, Mainstream Way, Birmingham, B7 4SN.
Jinbei Energon EN-760 portable power pack Jinbei – a studio lighting manufacturer based in Shanghai – have unveiled the Energon EN-760, a mains-output battery pack. The battery in the Energon is user-changeable, sliding out of a quick drawer should it need to be replaced.
Keep in mind that this unit has three 3-prong standard AC outlets, which can power just about anything—including a wide array of digital and cine equipment that can run off of this fully self-contained AC power source. Have you ever needed to light your run-and-gun production, but you simply don’t have access to AC power outlets or generators?
Well, I was able to power a Litepanels Sola 6 LED, which outputs the equivalent of a 350 Watt HMI for 54 minutes off of one F1 Power Module.
The Freedom-1 will also prove to be a darling for DITs (Digital Imaging Technicians) out in the field who are working off raided drives, laptops and iMacs off of their cart and want to stay mobile. This Package would be even more awesome, if it would take Anton Bauers batteries and not proprietary power cells. I would be wary of the Paul Buff unit especially if you don’t use Alien Bees (those are the only heads that the Vagabond is recommended for).

The Lenovo Portable PowerBank is a slim, portable device which ensures your mobile device is never without power. Nice little Portable battery charger, easy to stash away anywhere, doesn't take up much space and quickly charges up batteries.
At the same time the protective circuits are designed with very low power consumption to avoid additional discharge of the battery. The Energon is a battery fitted with a pure sine wave inverter so that you can power your AC studio flashes on location. The swappable F1 Power Modules are rated to provide power for approximately one hour with a unit drawing a full 100 Watts continuously. With a second battery you can go for more than 12 hours…Oh and did I mention this unit is completely silent if you’re running less than a 200 Watt power load? The kit also includes an AC cord, F1 charger, and a car’s cigarette lighter adapter cable. We produce a lot of travel work for cruise lines and we’ve always needed something like this.
It would be fantastic to be able to travel light, shoot videos and edit them in the hotel room. Ex: It may blow out the capacitors on an Elinchrom monolight and they cost over $200 each to replace.
The sleek, high-quality, silver-coloured metal casing protects your smartphone battery from sudden shocks. This versatile smart charger re-energizes a variety of electronic devices when you don't have access to AC power.

I always carry my iphone with me in addition to a point and shoot digital camera and mini camcorder. The Energon enters a crowded marketplace for portable power solutions, competing against the likes of the Innovatronix Explorer XT3 and Godox Leadpower LP-750.
And more importantly, you can re-charge the F1 Power Modules while they are either inside the Freedom 1 – or out of it.
The Feedom-1 battery provided the laptop with enough power to do all of the tasks above in 80 minutes, and at the end my laptop was charged to 35%, my iPhone to 72% and my iPad 2s to 65% – not bad for a little battery. The casing, combined with the lithium polymer cells and advanced charging technology, offers a product with enhanced safety.
My son love the convenience of having batteries for his electronics ready to use all the time. Furthermore, I have one of HSN's wonderful Vupoint scanners that I carry to and from work everyday. You can fully charge one of the F1 Power Modules in approximately 4-6 hours from a standard outlet. The Freedom-1 will give that person anywhere from a few hours of additional use (and a full charge) to 80 minutes of use while charging the units. You can also use the charged AA batteries, or optional AAA batteries, directly in a device for fully charged power in an instant.

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