Portable power pack for electronics

GODOX LEADPOWER Power Inverter LP-750 is specially designed and optimized for advanced flash equipments, eliminating damage to the flashes. China Good Quality DSLR Camera Cage, Camera Table Dolly and Handheld Stabilizer International Trade Site.
A portable power pack kit with 12-240 volt inverter that can be used for jump starting and as an accessories power pack. Please Note: This item is for Collection only and will not be shipped to any delivery address.

The Adesas Portable Power Pack (PPP) is a fully portable trolley mounted power pack which has been designed to provide an external portable power supply which can be easily moved to where required.
The PPP is charged from the mains (3 pin 13A socket) with a heavy duty Adesas 3 stage battery charger (MOD specification).
The PPP can power any dc electrics eg ideal for running trailer electrics, lighting, tail-lifts, double decker trailer floors or any other devices – power available instantly. Now being used in docking bays instead of docking transformers where it shows its true versatility.

The Portable Power Pack  comes as standard with 2 quality batteries and an Adesas 24v Mains Charger.

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