Portable power packs for cell phones 3g

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Protonex is a manufacturer of compact, lightweight, high-performance fuel cells for portable power applications.
To formally introduce, we are no designers, no highflying architects, no technocrats, and no geeks. If you have a smart gadget or a cool product or an awesome idea that you think can be "an element" of Crookedbrains, then mail us, we will try our best to feature* it in the upcoming weeks.*Subject it meets our quality criteria and standards. Collection of 'Innovative Multifunctional Portable Power Supplies and Power Packs' from all over the world. Xantrex XPower Powerpack 600HD: The Xantrex XPower Powerpack 600HD provides up to 600 watts of power and it features three AC outlets and one DC socket.
Schumacher IP-75 7-Ah Instant Power: This portable power source is compact, lightweight and easily transportable.

Energizer 84020 12V: Its an all-in-one start system with built-in air compressor and power inverter. 6 in 1 Portable Power Supply: This multi functional power supply powers your smartphones, hairdryers, laptops and more.
Rally 7470 Portable 8 in 1 Jump Start Power Pack: It jumpstarts, powers your household appliances, recharges your smartphone or MP3 player, inflates a tire, lights your way and more. Black and Decker PPRH5B Professional Power Station: The Black and Decker Professional Power Station combines a portable household power supply with a jump starter and 120 PSI compressor. 5-In-1 Portable Power Pack with Jumpstart: It functions as a jump-starter, air compressor, power inverter, 12 volt portable power supply, and 4-way work light.
Wagan Power Dome EX: The Wagan Power Dome EX is a portable power pack with a jumpstarter and air compressor. It can power anything from smartphones and camcorders to electric coolers as well as bilge pumps.

It jump-starts your vehicles, features an air compressor and USB socket for iPod, smartphones MP3 players and more. It features a 500 watts power inverter with two electrical household outlets, 12 volts outlet and a USB port. It supplies hydrogen-generated electricity to devices like portable lights, laptops and small appliances via an AC outlet or two USB sockets. It also features a built-in USB port and 12V DC outlet to recharge iPods, smartphones, cameras, and other handheld devices.

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