Power adapter pin sizes

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Power Molex 4-position to one 15-position Serial ATA AdapterSATA Power Adapter for SATA Hard Drives4-Position male Connector to One Serial ATA 15-Position Power Connector This 6" cable is used for powering serial drives. Power Molex 4-position to TWO 15-position Serial ATA Adapter (Power Y-Cable)SATA Power Adapter for SATA Hard Drives4-Position male Connector to TWO (Y CABLE) Serial ATA 15-Position Power Connector This 6" cable is used for powering serial drives. Power Molex 4-Pin Adapter to Three 15-Pin SATA Power Plug PortsSATA Power Adapter for Three 15-Pin Power Outputs from Single Molex 4-Pin Plug This Adapter is used for powering Three Serial ATA Hard Drives via one standard 4-Pin Molex Input Plug.

SATA 15-Pin Power Cable Splitter15-Pin SATA Power Y-Cable This cable has 3 female 15-pin SATA power connection points that get their power from 1 single male 15-pin SATA power connector. If your computer has a limited number of SATA 15-pin power connections, this is your chance to power 3 SATA drives from that one SATA power connector in your computer. Molex-4 Pin Power to sata power adapter, Single 15-Pin Sata power to Dual Molex 4-Pin or single 15-pin sata to dual 15-pin sata nad one Molex 4 Pin IDE ATA AdapterSATA power adapter (power splitter) Item is listed Above, In Stock Ready To ship! Converts a computer power supply with a 24 pin atx connector to a 20 pin connector to fit motherboards with a 20 pin atx connector. This 24 pin to 20 pin atx converter is for converting your power supply with a 24 pin atx connector to a 20 pin atx connector. At Maplin, we’re always looking for innovations and technology that can help your business work more efficiently. Serial drives, unlike standard drives, do not use the four pin molex connector that comes off of your power supply.
This cable is 12 inches long in two segments, one segment has one 15-pin straight entry Power plug at the end of the 12inch cable run, the other cable has two 15-pin right Angle (Bottom entry) SATA power plugs 6 inches apart.

Use this converter when your motherboard requires a 20 pin atx connector and you have a power supply with a 24 pin atx connector. Please read the detail info of this adapter carefully and make sure this is the correct type power adapter for your device before ordering it. With a dedicated business team and special services available only to business customers, you can access our electronics and technology solutions through our wide network of over 200 stores, our website with more than 20,000 products or though your personal account manager over the phone. We carry desktop and laptop power supply replacements for all manufacturers including Astec, Bestec, Compaq, Dell, Delta, Emachine, FSP, Gateway, Hipro, HP, Liteon, Newton, Power Man, Shuttle, and Sparkle. This nifty little atx adapter will keep you from having to spend the entire cost of buying a new power supply for your computer. Try our power supply cross reference and our laptop power supply cross reference to find the right power supply for your machine.

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