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Adapter, Cigarette Lighter, FemaleCigarette Lighter Socket with a molded in internal ATC fuse holder wire Powerpole ends wires a 15 amp ATC fuse. Adapter, Cigarette Lighter, MaleCigarette Lighter Plug Internally Fused with a 15A AGC fused mated to Powerpole Connectors - 5 ft. HF 4 pin connector (HF4) to Powerpole adapterEasily connect your HF4 rig which utilizes a 4 pin plug in the field from a Powerpole source such as a RIGrunner.
Male Plug adapter to Power PoleConvert any automotive cigarette lighter socket into a Powerpole outlet with this portable adapter. OEM Molex type 6 pin connector to Powerpole adapterEasily connect your HF rig which utilizes a 6 pin plug in the field from a Powerpole source such as a RIGrunner.
OEM-T inline Powerpole splitterAn ideal way to tap into your factory cable to get a Powerpole output. You'll find shops and shopping malls that sell just about everything you could need on Phuket but there are some things that are best packed in your luggage before you go. There will be many other times that you need a pen so its a good idea to keep one on your person especially when travelling. Thai law requires foreigners to carry their passport at all times though, the reality is that most people keep it locked in their hotel's security box or safe. Electricity in Thailand is 220 volts at 50hz which is compatible with devices sold in many countries.
This item is easily bought all over Phuket but its a good idea to apply some as soon as you get off the plane at Bangkok as the mosquitoes may well decide not to wait for you to go and buy some. Malaria is not normally a problem on the island but there are a few cases of Dengue fever each year though usually they are confined to non-tourists who have to work or live in the danger areas.
Phuket is hot all year round whether its raining or not so loose, breathable garments are the most suitable whatever the season. For strolling around town, sandals are ideal and can be purchased very cheaply almost everywhere. Pharmacies are one of the most common types of shops to be found in Phuket and stock most of the things you'd find in any western country but visitors should be aware that some drugs that are prescription-only in many countries are sold freely in Thailand. High on your list might be Immodium and antacid tablets as Thai food is generally very spicy and the change in diet can cause stomach upsets for a few people.
The local taxi drivers are familiar with most of Phuket's hotels so you should not have any trouble finding yours. If you are staying at one of the smaller boutique hotels its even more important to do this as they are less well known to cabbies. Phuket is a tourist hotspot so most of the local Thai people know enough english for you to get by without you needing to speak a word of Thai.

Its not essential to take one with you as they can be purchased quite cheaply in Phuket but buying before you go will give you some time to learn the basics before you get there. If you have a modern smartphone then there are plenty of applications and ebooks that make the traditional phrase book obsolete. Amazon is experiencing outrage in the United Kingdom due to faulty power adapters for their seven inch tablet line, including one model aimed at kids. Amazon has announced that they are offering replacement chargers to anyone that bought a Fire tablet after September 2015. The following are a few suggestions and reminders of things that might be needed when visiting Thailand.
More than half the passengers will immediately be wanting to borrow a pen so they will be in short supply. Take care not to book a hotel too far away from your interests and read the where to stay in Phuket page before booking. If you decide to do the same then carrying a photocopy of it will probably satisfy most public officials at least as an interim measure.
If you are coming from a country that is not compatible then you will need a voltage converter. Most electrical outlets in Thailand will fit a plug with either two horizontally opposed flat pins (see right) or two round pins in the same configuration.
Most of the time, however, mosquito bites in Phuket are just a nasty irritation and will itch for two or three days before clearing up. If you are sitting near standing water at any time of day its always a good time to apply protection.
A single mosquito can cause a series of unsightly bites if allowed uninterrupted feeding while you sleep. These days there are many modern synthetic fabrics that fit the bill nicely but, if in doubt, cotton is a good choice though it can cling to the skin if you perspire in which case white may not be the ideal colour as it tends to become transparent !
For this reason some people might feel more comfortable purchasing travel medicines before leaving home. If you plan on taking advantage of the many sea tours then motion sickness tablets might also be worth considering. That said, there's still a chance that they may not have heard of it or there might be a misunderstanding due to language difficulties. If you are unable to obtain or print a map then the next best thing is to ask the driver to phone the hotel for directions so make sure you have the number handy. Still, there will be times when you wish to do more than ask for directions or barter for goods and a Thai phrasebook can be a great help in these situations.

Note: if buying in Phuket, take care that it is english to Thai and not Thai to english as they look similar at a glance. Take care not to book a hotel too far away from your interests and read the Where to Stay in Phuket page or in depth pages about finding the best places in Patong, Karon, Kata, Kamala and Surin. When you pull the charger out of the wall a few times they entire assembly comes apart and leads to people being shocked. They also advised parents to stop their children using the adapter that came with the tablet. A passport copy would also be extremely useful if you lost the original and had to visit your embassy to obtain a new one. These can usually be found amongt the travel accessories sold at airports though you will probably get them a lot cheaper by purchasing one locally before you travel.
Cheap adapters can found in many Phuket 7-11 or Family Mart stores but it would pay to have at least one with you before you travel so that you can be sure you are able to do things like charge your phone as soon as you check in to your hotel. However, as Phuket is a shopper's paradise, particularly for summer clothing, it might be best not to take too much with you or you won't have room in your luggage to take much back with you. Also, a flash cloudburst can quickly make this type of footwear slippery and a hazard in themselves. His articles have been picked up by major and local news sources and websites such as the Huffington Post, CNET and more. You will also need your passport number so write it down to save rummaging through the overhead locker to get your documents. Other photo ID such as a photo driver's license or bank card may get you by in some situations. Many hotels will send someone to spray guest rooms upon request but failing that, insect spray can be purchased at most 7-11s and Family Marts..
Michael frequently travels to international events such as IFA, Computex, CES, Book Expo and a myriad of others. Do NOT wait until you arrive at immigration to fill this card in or you will be sent to the back of the line which could mean another long wait !

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