Power converter 60 amp

Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. But what if you want to use something a little more elaborate while you're on the open road?
A­Power inverters convert direct current (DC), the power that comes from a car battery, into alternating current (AC), the kind of power supplied to your home and the power larger electronics need to function.
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Allows use of your home AC plug game machines, etc to be powered off the power wires (DC) in your car. You might listen to your MP3 player, check for directions on your global positioning system (GPS) or play a portable video game.

Maybe you want to make toast, watch an LCD TV, or perhaps even write an article on your laptop computer. A 110AV to DC (use home game consoles in the car) converter with a custom mount game plate.
These types of electronic devices can be recharged or powered by plugging them into the cigarette lighter (or power port) in your vehicle.
Do you have a monitor, a pair of strobes or something that requires 12 volt DC and you want to wire it easily? Making sure your electronic gear gets the juice it needs while on the road isn't a simple matter of finding the right adapter.
In this article, we'll explore all the positives and negatives of DC to AC power inverters.

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