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This is the video documentation from the preliminary ICAACT Radio Frequency Scanning in Croydon, London on April 27th of Mr. Therefore, I contacted one of my acquaintances, Thabo Motsieola as a reporter and a renowned TV profile. She and MIND TECH SWEDEN became not only my biggest support, but also my ally in proving what I am exposed to. When I started searching the internet I became aware that there are people who share my situation. Fifty years after Skinner and Rogers warned of Science was a declaration by the European Ethics Group of the Swedish professor Goran Hermeren as chairman. It asks the important question of a human being ceases to be human when his brain was implanted: a human being ceases to be human cases in some parts of her physical self, especially the brain, has been replaced or supplemented by ICT implants? It should be questioned about this technique, even with the informed consent should be used.From the following quotation, one can see that there is a threat not only to a few individuals, but against our entire society. Another text from their document indicates that there are no studies on the health risks of what I face. Ethics group also asks the question to what extent this technology will be misused by the military. Another promising extension of BCI is to incorporate various neurofeedbacks to train subjects to modulate EEG brain patterns and parameters such as ERPs, ERD, SMR, P300 or slow cortical potentials (SCPs) to meet a specific criterion or to learn self-regulations skills.
It is a bit strange to think of how the internet has made possible the advance of knowledge and information on subject that would otherwise be far more difficult to access. MIND CONTROL EUROPE, and the brain reading computers, brain-remote, neural monitoring, experimentation! Chemtrails, What is happening… Remote control of every single synapse and neuron for the person ! Super-human brain technology sparks ethics debate, technologies that tap into the brain and could bring super-human strength, highly enhanced concentration or thought-controlled weaponry. On one hand, they are telling him awful things, like “You are never going to wake up” when going to bed every evening or “We are dissapointed that you woke up” every time he was waking up in the morning. I went from a life as a citizen in a demo map indicative country into a world where violence and torture was the norm. She has personal experience of care, has worked with doctors and midwives have been for many years.
In particular, as inplantaten can help to create the front-line people, who are always connected and can be conformed differently, to receive and emit signals for meetings, habits and movements.
In its evaluation EGE makes the general conclusion that non-medical applications of implants is a potential threat to human dignity and democratic society … The use of remote control to take control of people’s will must be absolutely forbidden. It must be emphasized that there is no reliable research studies on the long-term aspects of health related to ICT implants in the human body … The unlimited freedom for some can be a danger to others’ health and safety … As in other areas, the freedom to use the implants in the cell, as the principle of freedom, can collide with potentially adverse social effects.
We can see this power as part of their own insane idea, and with it follows all perversions.
In the development of a BCI we need to handle two learning systems: The machine should learn to discriminate between different complex patterns of brain activity as accurate as possible and the BCI users should learn via different neurofeedback configurations to modulate their EEG activity and self-regulate or control them. I have learned a great deal from this particular website but cannot help but speculate: when wil it become virtually impossible to tell the difference between fact and fiction? On the other side, they can manipulate his feelings and perceptions, and create the most positive feelings. The person or person performing the Remote Neural Monitoring are here by ordered to cease and desist operations said.Any person’s knowledge or variable Participating in said illegal activity must report to the proper Such Authorities.
The same is with painful interfering signals and other sounds that you can often stay awake during the whole night. Their records of March 16, 2005 was also presented as a recommendation to the European Commission (Prof.

Those old dictatorships forced people to hold certain views, but here you can see that Sweden is one step further and implanted brain chip to control man’s will. We’ve seen it for that abuse, violence and abuse of people for increasing the authorities’ power over the individual has had disastrous consequences.
The art of mis and disinforming is already centuries old and has had enormous effects in human and world history.
Life was suddenly just as difficult as it had previously been a pleasant result of the days and weeks. In my case, it translates as connected persons not primarily manipulation but rather to break down and torture me.
It is good that the European Commission’s ethical council takes it up to do it the easier for everyone else to also realize it. I was a successful self-employed with good education, an orderly life, but despite that I was a victim, how far can inplantaten give an individual or a group, special opportunities which may become a threat to society? I must fight to survive but I am an adult and have support, can explain myself and that makes my situation hope after all. 4) is an emerging technology for rehabilitation, but we believe is also a new paradigm in neuroscience that might reveal previously unknown brain activities associated with behavior or self-regulated mental states.
Hitler himself once said the following epigram: ?What luck for the rulers that man does not think!? Are we thinking today, can we, freely? My name is Magnus Olsson, I am 38 years old, studied economics at the Cesar Ritz in Switzerland, American University of Paris and Harvard, Boston, USA, during the years 1988-1991. The Internet contains research reports, opinion articles and documentary material.There is information from different parts of the world and the brutal mentality, to take advantage of people in life-destroying brain experiments seem to be the same in the country than the abuse occurs.
One can see through my eyes, hear my thoughts, manipulate my sleep and stay awake for long periods. They speak in clear words about the danger of this technology and provides an understanding of all parts of it that I have mentioned. But even worse is it with children and the mentally ill as a professor Hermeren also suggests use of it here. They can be used by government agencies, individuals and groups to increase their power over others. The possibility of automated context-awareness as a new interface goes far beyond the standard BCI with simple feedback control. 1994 I started the company Jon Sandman who became a well known brand in the bedding industry. It must have with defense research to do but I had never heard of this kind of technology before it happened, remote control of brain. This was entirely in secret and was more like what the perpetrators of acts of madness trying to explain about his powerlessness of being repossessed. But at first I could only say that there was something that had made my very difficult life change. Although increase or decrease heart rate, upload photos and scents into my brain as real as if I saw or smelled it in the natural environment. The following quotes come from the EU group is translated into Swedish by the network with Robert Naeslund, which we now work with. When this happens to people like me, educated, self-employed and any links to psychiatry and the legal system is of course an even clearer symptom of social disease. ICT implants as through a network’s capacity can be misused in several ways for all varieties of social control and manipulation, such as for children and handicapped persons. We hope to develop the next level of BCI system using neurofeedbacks for some selective cognitive phenomena. Ethical Council, which has a participant from each EU country has an official status within the EU.

Then you can understand the degree of hardship mental patients and criminals have to live with.
Ethical Council also mentions, as I have said about their transfer of votes and other information that need not be perceived by the sensory receptors, but instead can is transmitted directly into the brain. To do so, we need to rely increasingly on findings from other disciplines, especially, neuroscience, information technology, biomedical engineering, machine learning, and clinical rehabilitation. I assumed that most would consider me as a mentally disturbed if I tried to explain what has befallen me. You can change my behavior, including memory functions may be affected as well as emotions (having to be sexually aroused in inappropriate situations).
The Swedish professor Goran Hermeren is also Sweden’s first professor of medical ethics while he is also President ofthe EGE, The European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies. This is clearly just as degrading as to start locking up people in secret concentration camps. The network we are part of the can indicate that the abuse lasted for 60 years without any uncovered. For a long time has created a severe headache, nausea, blurred vision and problems with balance. In their descriptions, it is called we term as electrodes, transmitters, and brain chips for ICT implants, which stands for information and communication technologies. EU group writes:One can also see this trend as a threat to human dignity and in particular to the human body’s integrity … Sure it is. The whole subject of the great technology is largely unknown – and that some people would be exposed, it is most unlikely. In order to cope with but also to be able to tell what has happened to me and get out of the nightmare.
Creates a sounding cacophony of different tones and volumes that cuts into my head day and night. In some cases, already implanted microchips with opportunities for individual and social control. Moreover, adding to the number that can communicate with my thoughts but also has so much of other scary elements that it is not possible to describe what they claim. First I went to the Royal Institute of Technology in Valhallavagen in Stockholm and spoke with several people. My mom has been with me for five of those times and this is just one form of the consequences of what I am exposed to. Asked if they knew who was involved in biological and remote computer connection with people. It has no natural cause and you can never either to diagnose the cause.What I have mentioned here are the most common methods you use to torment me. Brain-computer interaction or direct brain control is performed by communications technology which retrieves information from the brain and evaluates it. The worst threat, as in my case is clear and has also distanced the concentration camp opportunities affecting the central nervous system and man’s identity as a species. When I went there, I happened to come just when an international conference was in progress. Here I got the first facts that spoke of opportunities to establish communication with human biological systems. From my point of view, this is an equally crucial event that the establishment of concentration camps in Germany in the 1930s.

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