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Start with the fact that scientists discovered decades ago that viewing electrons in motion actually changed their trajectory. Therefore, if the Universe is made of electrons and we can influence the activity of those electrons, we can influence the Universe.
Evolutionary pressures dictate that our species-specific interface, this world of our daily experience, should itself be a radical simplification, selected not for the exhaustive depiction of truth but for the mutable pragmatics of survival.
If this is right, if consciousness is fundamental, then we should not be surprised that, despite centuries of effort by the most brilliant of minds, there is as yet no physicalist theory of consciousness, no theory that explains how mindless matter or energy or fields could be, or cause, conscious experience.
I believe that human consciousness is a conjuring trick, designed to fool us into thinking we are in the presence of an inexplicable mystery.
Now, are there lots of charlatans and phonies out there hustling this stuff to make a buck?

Ted Krever watched the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, went to Woodstock (the good one), and graduated Sarah Lawrence College with a useless degree in creative writing. Ted now writes novels and sells mattresses in Staten Island NY, a job which registers at a loathsome -98 on the Cosmopolitan Eligible Male Job-Status Guide. Quantum physics has found a consistent (if mystifying) framework to the universe that supports the concept of a universal subconscious, that explains why optimists live longer than pessimists, why prayer and positive thought have a physical effect. It’s the simple realization that life is, at its most basic level, truly interactive. Space-time, matter and fields never were the fundamental denizens of the universe but have always been, from their beginning, among the humbler contents of consciousness, dependent on it for their very being. For the point of an interface, such as the Windows interface on a computer, is simplification and ease of use.

Of course, there are—no matter what you believe, there’s someone trying to exploit it for money. We click icons because this is quicker and less prone to error than editing megabytes of software or toggling voltages in circuits.

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