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The physicists' work focuses on the Planck scale, the ultra-high-energy conditions at the time of the Big Bang. One of the most instrumental methods of detecting the Big Bang's consequences is measuring the CMB radiation – the faint, mostly microwave-frequency background glow that permeates the entire universe. The CMB data has enabled scientists to calculate the spectrum of the wavelengths of the primordial quantum fluctuations, providing some of the earliest experimental data of anything. By computing universal generic corrections to the inflationary power spectrum, Jackson and Schalm hope to provide a starting point for analyzing a wide variety of new physics theories.
The physicists describe the corrections as a map, similar to a map a passenger might use to navigate the Paris metro, but in this case the map is to show physicists how to analyze any new physics model they develop. The physicists hope that the new map will prove useful in the future, even if they don't know exactly where they're headed, or what type of high-energy physics may have existed during inflation. Einstein's theory of gravity and quantum physics are expected to merge at the Planck-scale of extremely high energies and on very short distances. Physicists are putting themselves out of a job, using artificial intelligence to run a complex experiment.
Theoretical chemists at Princeton University have pioneered a strategy for modeling quantum friction, or how a particle's environment drags on it, a vexing problem in quantum mechanics since the birth of the field.
Flick a switch on a dark winter day and your office is flooded with bright light, one of many everyday miracles to which we are all usually oblivious. Scientists have devised a way to build a "quantum metamaterial"a€”an engineered material with exotic properties not found in naturea€”using ultracold atoms trapped in an artificial crystal composed of light.
It used to be in science that one proposed a theory, developed experiments to prove it and if those experiments didn't match predictions, the theory was subject to serious questions.
If observations do not suggest the hardcore idea behind your theory is wrong there is nothing wrong with tweaking the softcore ideas that support it to match observation.Cosmology is very mathematical, but this does not mean it is not scientific. The notion of big bang follows just from the fact, at sufficient distance the space and time appears blurred from local human perspective. I hear this argument often that it was just the "expansion of space" and nothing traveled faster than the speed of light during the inflationary period. RitchieGuy: Our meager scientific instruments do not even begin to provide the correct answers to these questions.
What is it with the people at Physorg who post these stories !!??As I've pointed out BEFORE, most folks don't have a Sx to PRL, yet that's ALL they ever do is cite the journal. Silverhill says: light photons were then created as matter went in and out of different dimensions not having much to do with the first three.
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Quantum fluctuations that arise during inflation develop into the inhomogeneities that lead to the formation of stars and galaxies. Physicists calculate that inflation lasted for just a tiny fraction of a second, yet during this time the Universe grew in size by a factor of 1078. Jackson of the University of Paris-7 Diderot in Paris, France, and Koenraad Schalm of the University of Leiden in Leiden, The Netherlands, have published their study on these possible signatures of new physics in the inflationary power spectrum in a recent issue of Physical Review Letters. Although the universe at this point was almost completely homogeneous, the violent dynamics of inflation produced tiny inhomogeneities from the quantum vacuum.
Leftover from the recombination epoch during the early universe when atoms were just beginning to form, the CMB is almost completely uniform, except for some small temperature fluctuations in the radiation that scientists first detected in the early '90s.
Although the spectrum calculated from observations closely matches the spectrum calculated from current theories, the continuing advance of high-precision experiments could provide an opportunity to observe something new. The universal corrections are independent of the precise details of any quantum gravity theory or other unknown Planck-scale physics, but future experiments could help narrow down these possibilities.
In a sense, it's similar to how the passenger can use a map to get to any destination on the metro line, even if the passenger doesn't yet know where they're going.
According to Big Bang theory, time did not even exist before this point roughly 13.7 billion years ago. They seem to be building logical models that seem to fit our universe, and then dropping the ones that go the wrong way while working on the ones that seem to come close to the right direction.
In dense aether model the density fluctuations of vacuum were always here, because the natural state of observable reality is not zero or another particular state, but random state.
But it's normal consequence of the dispersive nature of the light spreading trough vacuum fluctuations.
The Universe, on every fractal scale we can think of, likes to do things the same way - singularity, growth (expansion), homogeneity, dissolution. However, rather than concerning myself with anything that came before (seems like a pretty obvious conclusion), I just use OUR Universe as a starting and reference point because that is already more than the "gyre" of human information has evolved to comprehend.So, it appears Time is our Master - for now. Actually, as noted in the article, our instruments *are* beginning to provide such answers. Something overcame its attraction, however--but the expansion was not a simple thermal explosion. But the ripples (dimensions)are less frequent as the matter moves farther away from the singularity or starting point. Also during this time, a very important thing occurred: fluctuations in the quantum vacuum appeared, which later resulted in the temperature fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) that in turn produced large-scale structures such as galaxies. Virtual pairs of particles from the quantum vacuum began popping in and out of existence, some of which could absorb energy and become real. These temperature fluctuations stem from the primordial quantum fluctuations that occurred during inflation. When observations don't match theory, it becomes an opportunity to make a career out of devising a patch for the theory, from inflation to dark energy. It means, not only galaxies and red shift, but even the inflation and big bang itself are product of these fluctuations.If we observe the dispersion of surface ripples at the water surface, we can see, how their wavelength collapses with distance fast. At the human scale it appears fuzzy and random, at the larger and smaller distances all observable objects converge to the spherical shapes.
I have not observed nor read of, from Planck scale on up to cosmic scale, from energy to matter to biological systems and even time and motion, ANYthing that does not follow this simple formula (someone PLEASE show me an alternate example). Physicists think that all matter today, from galaxies to living things, originated from these primordial quantum fluctuations.

If future experiments did observe these corrections, the findings could potentially reveal new physics on the Planck scale. But if the distance scale increases or decreases even more, then all observable objects become fuzzy and random again.
We must continue to gather, and analyze, data.) IMHO, Time has ALWAYS existed, even BEFORE the Big Bang, if there was a Big Bang.
Heat is the measure of motion of material particles, and is transferred by contact and by photons. These new corrections could allow scientists to search for experimental evidence to test a variety of quantum gravity theories, including string theory. But physicists are even more interested in this era for what it may reveal about quantum gravity.
This is exactly the perspective of hypothetical observer at the water surface, which would observe it with its own waves.From this model follows too, above the distance scale of human observer the Universe will not appear expanding but collapsing and the red shift will be replaced with blue shift and positive violation of inverse square law for distant radiowave sources.
Light (or, electromagnetic radiation in general) did exist early on, but not until about 10 seconds after the Bang. A critical value for this size implies that black holes of this size are being ripped apart wherever they might form in the larger universe.
It would mean, the alleged "expansion" of Universe is an observatory illusion and it depends on the wavelength of light, in which it is observed.
All systems follow the same trend, this signifies that the Universe originated in the same manner. Time already existed (unto the infinite past, I believe), in the reference frame of the colliding branes; after the collision that engendered our particular chunk of spacetime, a separately measured time began with respect to that. There was also no such thing as Gravity, for if there had been, all matter would have been pulled back into its starting point and held together.
At some point our Universe was a singular point, since then decay caused fragmentation resulting in quanta diversity we see today.The Universe itself must have been a decay product, but since the Universe is self contained, a higher dimensional reality played a role in the Universal creation of space and time. The heat would have been building up for a very long Time, and when the primitive matter exploded, it flew out in all directions faster than the speed of light. The Universe didn't exist before it was created, and since we are a product of the Universe, space and time didn't either.The Universe was caused but not by a Universal event. With enough complexity, one could devise a self-centric model of the universe, but that doesn't mean Titans are pushing the entire universe the opposite direction of your every step.
The light photons were then created as matter went in and out of different dimensions not having much to do with the first three. I believe that Time can only go forward, independent of the other 3 dimensions, even if the Universe folded in on itself like a tesseract house. Eventually, the other dimensions closed up, no longer being forced open by fast flying matter. As primitive matter flew outward, it carried light photons along and then the photons separated from the matter.How do I know all this for certain? If you are so keen on keeping science and religion apart, I suggest you stop posting BIBLE VERSES on a science website.You can claim your prize at any time by pressing alt f4.
It is impossible for Time to stand still or go backward, in spite of mankind's perception of Time scales.Since no one has ever gone as fast or faster than the speed of light and it probably will never happen, the only thing that scientists can do is estimate, conjecture, and express their ideas just as I am doing now.

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